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I am glad to see that Gigabyte has scaled back their product launches a bit and aren't releasing as many motherboards as they did when P67 and Z68 came out.  Something tells me that between the chipset recall and back to back chipset launches the product guys/gals decided that offering more features instead of more options was a better way to go.

Case in point, the new Z77X-UD4H.

Gigabyte's new Z77X-UD4H is among a new breed of motherboards which combine high end feature sets with an affordable price.  Boasting great overclocking abilities and dual card Crossfire / SLI compatibility, it seems to have everything a budget-conscious enthusiast could possibly want.

Truth be told the board is almost identical to the Z77X-UD3H that I reviewed.  The layout is the same and features are similar but it overclocks memory like mad.  Due in part to a less complex board design lending its self to better signaling between processor and memory.

Sadly while the Z77X-UP7 is a super awesome motherboard the complexity lends to its downfall when it comes to high speed memory overclocking, just not going to happen.

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