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I used to work with a guy who loved to use the word "cadence".  He would use it out of context, in casual discussion and most of the time incorrectly.  Normally this wouldn't bother me but, it is like seeing a VW Beetle on the road.  When you see one then you see them all.

The news came out in an unusual way, via an interview with a Japanese website and then several tweets from AMD employees and the official Radeon Twitter feed. Naturally, we had questions about the state of things, so AMD held a conference call for the press today, in an attempt to clarify matters.

Prior to last weekend, we expected AMD to be introducing a new generation of graphics cards within the next few months. That expectation was informed by the firm's usual cadence for graphics releases and its public roadmaps. For instance, here's the slide AMD shared at its CES press conference, with graphics along the top.

It would seem that AMD is planning a new GPU but is planning to keep the HD7000 series GPUs as their primary focus for the majority of 2013.  I suspect that nVidia will be doing the same with tentative plans for something new sometime after Haswell.

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