Rules of ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2013

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Now before any of you get super pumped that Asus is hosting an "Open" overclocking competition I must mention.  This competition appears to favor Russian overclockers given the "wildcard" condition stating that the best team from Russia, Ukraine and Kazahstan will get invited.

Rules are pretty simple and almost mimic MOA 2012.
1 Processor
1 GPU (Titan is allowed!)
follow HWBot rules and use the competition background.

No suprise on the benchmarks
SuperPi 32M, 3DMark 11 Performance, 3DMark Fire Strike

Based on the benchmarks this will be dominated by GPU overclocking and whoever has friends at the Asus factory -or- deep enough pockets to bin for a good Matrix card.

I do like this rule.

One team consists of 2 overclockers from the same country. Second teammate must be overclocker too, please share his nickname in comments. Girlfriends are not allowed.

Pretty sure I know where that rule came from.

HWBot page is still pending but you can check out the rules on the website

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