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There are some really cool motherboards out there and in the X99 generation I have been able to review boards from EVGA, MSI and Gigabyte and while I love what Gigabyte does my favorates boil down to the EVGA X99 Classified, MSI X99A Godlike, and MSI X99A Tomahawk.

Why so much MSI?  Simply put, good package with some great features.  Oh and tasteful RGB lighting.

MSI introduced their Arsenal Gaming line not to long ago. The way it sits in their product stack is that you have Enthusiast Gaming, Performance Gaming, Arsenal Gaming, and then their Pro Series. Arsenal Gaming is positioned to give users many great gaming features, but at a good price as well. Today we are checking out the X99A Tomahawk, which offers a nice matte black PCB with black and grey accents. The board has three PCI-Express 3.0 x4 slots, an M.2 32 GB/s slot, a U.2 32 GB/s port, dual Intel LAN ports, USB 3.2 gen 2, and MSI’s Audio Boost 3. Does the X99A Tomahawk have what it takes to make it into your X99 build? Read on as we take a look…

Seems the ThinkComputers grew lkes it as well.

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