Intel X99 Benchers Memory Battle @ Madshrimps

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I will be the first to admit that I suck at memory overclocking.  I have overclocked memory, tweaked timings and playing with frequency but for the most part that is the extent of what I do. 

And, the reason?  Well, it takes a LONG time to fully overclock a memory module and unlike with motherboards where very little on the board will physically block you from overclocking a memory module depends on chip quality, CPU quality and CPU Memory Controller quality.  All of which can kill your overclock and you may not know which is the culprit.

When you consider the "real world" benefits to memory overclocking some tweaks are difficult to attain and net you no benefit which is why you go after the big gains like frequency and tune from there.  The smaller tweaks are usually best served when doing competitive overclocking like what is being discussed over at MadShrimps.

Since the launch of the Intel Sky Lake platform, we were being flooded with a multitude of different DDR4 memory ICs. After you finally decided to buy that particular tweakable kit, there were again screenshots popping up of something new and at first glance even better performing memory. At launch date Hynix was king of the hill for the X99 quad channel setups. however the latest memory architecture release for Sky and Kaby Lake are the Samsung B-DIE ICs. When tweaked, they are able to run at high speeds in combination with ultra tight timings. These are a real treat to gain them extra precious points to climb in the HWBOT ranking. Besides the fact that the latter are 8GB modules and thus a bit more pricey than the other 4GB variants, one drawback is that these B-DIE based memories are still pretty inconsistent in quality. Wading through different OC forums we noted DOA's, degraded sticks and even many sticks just failing to do tight timings at what we consider to be standard OC speeds, hence why memory binners jumped on the wagon and are selling, logically for a little extra margin, sticks that can truly deliver the goods. Today we explore what memory is great and which one is the best for your high end Intel LGA 2011-3 platform.

Some good stuff over there be sure to check it out.

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