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The Core i7 7740X was a highlight processor of Computex 2017 due to some of the insane overclocking numbers the large quad core processor could turn out.   While on the subject of cores, most tech YouTubers got all triggered on the quad core nature of the Core i7 7740X which simply tells me they are scraping for subject matter.

For this test we'll review the quad core Core i7 7740X from Intel. Yes this is Kaby Lake -X, the more affordable processor that you will need to seat on a X299 motherboard. Albeit limited towards dual-channel memory, the processor does a good job, as well as it being tweakable towards 5.2 GHz on all cores.

I have one of these processors in the lab and with any luck will be pushing it to its limit alongside my delidded Core i7 7700K that loves to clock.

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