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You really have to wonder how good a particular product is when the reviewer actually calls out the price in the review description.  I'm not going to diss at almost a grand for a GTX 1080 Ti you really want to know if it is worth it.

Lightning is MSI's flagship card for the GTX 1080 Ti Series. Our review of the Lightning Z, which is the highest clocked variant, confirms it has the best cooler of all GTX 1080 Tis; delivering lowest temperatures and lowest noise at the same time. The Lightning Z is also the fastest GTX 1080 Ti we ever tested, but isn't exactly cheap at $999.

On a side note, I find it interesting how NVIDIA claims the Pascal architecture is super power efficient but programs them to run hot to save power and lower operational noise.  THEN, you have companies like MSI offering triple slot coolers like this was the GTX 580 era all so they can say it delivers the lowest temperatures.

I'm like, no s#it, the cooler is super oversized and comes with triple cooling fans what did you expect?. 

Super excessive and I love it. happy smile.

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