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I'm a fan of XSPC watercooling gear and while I buy plenty of there components I have avoided the waterblocks and compression fittings.  Why? they just look damn strange.

The RayStorm Neo is XSPC taking their flagship RayStorm Pro block and applying a new look to it. Featuring a polished acrylic top, chrome-plated aluminum brackets, and included RGB LEDs with controller, the Neo offers an option to those who want more than a matte/metal top block. Add in a precise installation mechanism and good performance alike and this is a block well worthy of consideration in the sub-$80 market.

The RayStorm blocks look pretty good. they feature a dual barb microchannel design with an accelerator plate to add back pressure and to increase coolant speed.  Back in the day I would have been super critical about how water flows though a waterblock and questioned simple block designs like the RayStorm Neo.  However, it seems that enthusiasts are not concerned with that anymore and have settled for whatever a company is willing to produce.

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