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AIO or All in One cooling solutions combine the maintenance free operation of air cooling with the capacity of water.  Granted there isn't much water in these coolers but every little bit counts.  Of course, the one thing people often forget is that while you do get better thermals with an AIO the real benefit is your ability to direct the exhaust heat where ever you want.

The latest all-in-one CPU cooler that we’re looking at today is the Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition. The name is quite a mouthful, granted, but it explains everything you need to know about the product in one fowl swoop. The RGB CPU cooler arrives in 3 different flavours, depending on the size of the radiator that you choose; 240mm (2x 120mm), 280mm (2x 140mm) or 360mm (3x 120mm).

Thermaltake has fully embraced RGB lighting and has gone to great lengths to include it into everything they sell, including AIO coolers made by asetek and branded with their own RGB LED lighting effects and Riing fans.

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