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I would have to agree that Samsung seems to have the performance corner in the SSD market.  Of course being that I grew up in Micron's back yard I tend to have a soft spot for the local talent but, in a world where you can make more money selling components over complete products there isn't much to argue about.

Samsung is, without doubt, one of the largest figures in the ever-growing SSD scene, offering some of the fastest and most reliable solutions currently available to the average consumer; that dominance doesn’t prevent them from pushing the envelope, however. Today we look at the latest Samsung 860 Evo, a drive designed for mainstream users within a PC or laptop.

I will admit I am a Samsung fan, performance is there, price is there and in terms of availability you can have that too.  The drive featured in this review is a standard SSD so it will have the SATA limitations but is still plenty fast over any rotational drive on the market.

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