Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 Review @ Vortez

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Didn't this memory just launch today? 

It would seem it did and with that, we have a launch day review.

These new RGB DRAM sticks are available in 8GB and 16GB capacities and 2666MHz and 3000MHz frequencies. CAS timings are 16-18-18-38 @ 1.35v. All modules are available individually, in matched pairs or in 4-piece kits for ultimate capacity.

The modules featured in this review are the 3000Mhz sticks sold as a quad channel kit.  In terms of overclocking they didn't get much from them but seem happy with whatever performance increase they got.  Of course speed, voltage and frequency pale in comparison to the power of digital LEDs that adorn the top of each module.

Yep, RGB baby!  It is the wave of the future and not likely crash anytime soon unless soon comes early.

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