Titus&Wayne launches Luft Qi filter-free air purifier on Indiegogo

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Utilizes UV LED technology with nano-photocatalyst through an IP protected reaction chamber
Beverage can size. 6 color variations available. Pledges start $79

TAOYUAN, TAIWAN. April 24, 2018: Titus&Wayne, a Taiwanese startup founded in October 2016 based on material science and chemical engineering to develop new and innovative products for the future, excitedly announced their first product, the Luft Qi filter-free air purifier, officially launches a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo starting on April 24th.

Pairing the engineering and development backgrounds between Titus Chang and Wayne Chein for a fully integrated LED experience using nano-photocatalysis technology, with Luft Qi, the two have created a totally new kind of air purifying experience. Luft means “Air” in German and used to describe space or breath. Qi (pronounced “chee”) - literally means “air, breath” in Mandarin Chinese. In traditional Chinese culture, “Qi” is described as “vital life force.” By balancing the flow of Qi, all the discomforts will be eliminated. Luft Qi is designed in the spirit of Qi, offering fresh, clean air by eliminating airborne pollutants.

“As our first innovative product, we are launching the release in accordance with a crowdfunding campaign to help spread the word,” said Chang, CoFounder of Titus&Wayne. “Luft Qi is a filter-free air purifier that utilizes the latest UV LED technology together with nano-photocatalyst through an IP protected reaction chamber. It’s never been done before. Simply plug the Luft Qi air purifier into a USB charger power port, and you’re all set.”

Luft Qi has a 360-degree air intake, a patented nano-reactor, and comprehensive air cleaning at all times. It takes in the surrounding air and pollutants from every angle. A chemical reaction is created when the patented nano-reactor is activated by UV LED light. Pollutants are broken down into harmless molecules. Clean air is dispersed with only harmless molecules such as water. It is the first compact air purifier of its kind using nanotechnology that destroys mold, airborne bacteria, formaldehyde, viruses, and toxic chemicals, using absolutely no filters.

“Although traditional HEPA filters can trap bacteria and mold, they are also perfect places for these microorganisms to grow,” said Chein, CoFounder of Titus&Wayne. “No larger than a beverage can, this new air purifying concept will go unnoticed in any home or location.”

“This air purifier is designed for anyone who suffers from allergies, fatigue, or dizziness, as well as those living in old homes, or homes with unwanted smells,” said Chang. “It’s an effective agent when battling the airborne illnesses that can cause significant harm to our loved ones today. Spread the word on the official launch of our forthcoming campaign and consider investing in quality air.”

The Indiegogo campaign officially launches at 8AM EST on April 24th with an MSRP at $169 and super early bird tickets at $79. $25,000 funding goal. Total 6 color variations available, Bright White + Silver Ring, Bright White + Maroon Ring, Bright White + Iron Black, Pink, Aqua, and Wood.

Watch the video and learn how Luft Qi works:

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