Revisiting the In Win D-Frame Mini 4 years later @ LanOC Reviews

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It's almost like they took a review they wrote 4 years ago and wrote it again with a different conclusion.  I'm not sure how I feel about that but, hey whatever works right??

So every year our first article of the year is me going back and doing a quick recap of our year and then I take a look back at anything that won our editors choice award and see if it lived up to what I expected. I recently also started going back even beyond that and looking at Editors Choice winners from past years, only showing what is still in use. When you get back a few years, there just isn’t much that is still being used. But back in 2014, I reviewed the In Win D-Frame Mini and not only did it win an editors choice award, but it has been rocking and still in use to this day. In fact, it has a lot of miles on it with it going to just about every LAN that I’ve visited in that time. Well recently In Win announced new color options and one of them was bright orange with blue trim, aka LanOC colors. So I decided it would be fun to build a new PC in it and see how that same design has held up 4 years later.

So..  Interesting quote but I get the gist  wink smile

I do like the D-Frame, it is nice case with a practical use and great styling.  I wasn't a fan of the cost or how "exclusive" it was but, that could be attributed to me not getting one for review.   Something about a limited number of them being built and low sales figures.

Either way, great case, even if you can't buy them anymore.

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