Next Generation NVIDIA GTX Release Dates Leaked!

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I feel I should start this post with a "Stop trying to make GTX 11 Series Happen, It Ain’t going to happen"

However, in the past I have noticed things with hardware companies have done and said to myself "Ya that makes sense" and then decided to not share it with the world because I didn’t think it would be a big deal or thought I might get in trouble. 

However, it seems the new generation of YouTube is all about views and doing whatever they can to get them.  I mean, why would you do that?

F-ed up sense of honor and respect???

Based on what has been posted over at PCGamer I think it is a little of the three.

The latest rumor originates from Gamer Meld, a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming hardware news. Gamer Meld claims to have received an email from one of Nvidia's add-in board (AIB) partners stating that the release date for the GeForce 11 series has been pushed back. The staggered release will start at the end of August with the GeForce GTX 1180 and continue through the end of October. Here are the dates listed in the email, followed by the video outlining it all:

GeForce GTX 1180: August 30
GeForce GTX 1170/1180+: September 30
GeForce GTX 1160: October 30

First of all, if Gamer Meld got an email from an AIB, it was likey in error and out of respect for that vendor a honest person would mention it and then delete the email.  Sure information has been leaked but that doesn't mean you should share. (Bound by NDA or not)

Second of all,  Mr NVIDA "Jen-hsun" mentioned that GTX 11 Series or 20 Series wasn't going to happen for awhile.  Honestly, there isn't much competition and with the mining rush many gamers couldn't buy new cards so why rush it after saying "naa"

Thing is there are rumors that GPUs are being returned, miners stopped buying (that makes no sense) and that there is likely to be a FIRE SALE later this summer to dump old stocks of cards.  All three of those things indicate a change is coming, or could be a normal reaction to a change in the market.

I for one welcome a new GPU, maybe there will be enough for hardware sites, like Hardware Asylum, to get a few cards in for review instead of us sitting back while JayzTwoCents complains about getting too many cards for review while also gloating that he gets dual quads because: million subs.

Its a messed up world, I'm telling ya.  Come the 30th of each summer month it will get even worse.

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