Back from CES 2019 - Fun show but damn!

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As many of you know CES 2019 has concluded and in midst of the mega tv's and 8K resolutions there was some good stuff to see.

Keep in mind I am usually taking part in the "CES Sideshow" and use the event more to make contacts than to report on what I see.  I stopped doing that several years ago for a variety of reasons.

The largest of them being the lack of ROI from me trying to report on everything in real time.  CNET does a really good job at finding the good stuff, I know this because people text and post on my socials saying "Hey did you see this??".  *shakes head* 

It is also a nod to how fuxX0ring difficult it is to run the "CES Sideshow".  Not only do I have to deal with setting up a meeting schedule but, Also dealing with reschedules because someone "more important" wants the timeslot I already reserved, Also making sure my meetings are in the same location and finally, dealing with "others" that think it is ok to show up late (or early) and take away from my scheduled meeting.

Personally I find the last one highly disrespectful and the couple times it happened I walked out of the meeting. 

Oh ya, I had a new one this year.  Get this:
I setup a meeting, get two confirmations of the meeting, fill out the proper paper work and told I'm set.  However, when I show up its not on their calendar and the only way I get let is is showing the email.  I then got followed around during the presentation and asked numerous times if my company name is correct.  Lazy marketing company? or internal sabotage, you decide.

Anyhow, I digress

Over the next week I'll be rolling out some articles of the things I found most interesting at CES 2019.  Most will be old news at this point but, at least the techutainment community didn't sample any of these articles to make their video.

Oh and finally, Darren and I will be recording the January Podcast this week and should be able to get an episode out before the end of the month.  It will be the CES 2019 wrap up and won't be spread over four episodes like last year.

Stay Tuned!


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