Funky Kit Review - Thermaltake WaterRAM RGB Liquid Cooling Memory

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If the motherboard is the heart of a computer then the RAM it just attached 'cause computers are not body parts.

Now, with that being said Thermaltake is a cooling, case, psu, keyboard, mouse, headset company that is now offering memory so they can pimp their RGB enabled memory cooling block.  This block only works on their memory and fits quite well into their cooling ecosystem.

Its not "great" memory but in the world of "don't touch PCBs" I'm not sure anyone will care after seeting the amazing RGB light display.

The Thermaltake WaterRam RGB is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re like me who loves RGB and to want to watercool your ram, then these are memory kits you want.

I like how Funky Kit mentioned Tea in their "hook".  Other than that, its watercooled ram modules everybody!

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