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We all know that gaming PCs (personal computers) are the best and most powerful platform for games however, there is a growing segment that seems to be getting special treatment.  Gaming Laptops.

Case in point, there are two due to be on the market soon from Asus and Acer that both come with 300Hz refresh panels giving them the edge when it comes to smooth refresh and reduced tearing.

So, who exactly “needs” 300Hz gaming laptops. Both Acer and Asus said their laptops were aimed at hardcore gamers and esports competitors, but I’m willing to venture even the most obsessed amateur might flinch at Acer’s starting $2,800 price tag for the Triton 500. I asked Asus how much the Zephyrus S GX701 would retail for, but a representative demurred, saying, “It’ll depend on the locality.” It’s probably safe to say it’ll be expensive as hell though.

I like to think that gaming laptops are just a fad that might eventually die off however, hardware makers have become upset with PC Enthusaists and found that the gaming laptop segment to be more profitable.

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