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Threadripper is a pretty big chip and for those of you wondering how a chip the size of Hawaii can be cooled by the very thing you breathe then maybe this review is for you.

Not long ago AMD pushed their 3950X launch out into November and when they did that they also teased in that same announcement that it will come out with their Threadripper 3 processor family. With that, this isn’t a bad time to revisit the cooling options. Unlike every other consumer CPU, Threadripper is large enough that it actually required all of the heatsink companies to go back and redesign their heatsinks to get full coverage. With that there are a lot fewer options available for Threadripper. But there are two big names that stand out. Cooler Master partnered with AMD and is who designed and sells the Wraith Ripper heatsink which goes in line with the rest of the Wraith air coolers that typically come with AMD CPUs. Then there is Noctua, who went all out with three different models in their Threadripper lineup. Today I am going to check out all four of those coolers and see how they perform to help those of you waiting for the new launch or others who have been snatching up the marked down Threadripper 1 and 2 models. 

Sadly I am not one of the lucky ones to actually own a Threadripper and to be honest while I am the target demographic I really have no desire to drive down that road.  Of course, with that being said if by driving down that road AMD was there saying "hey Hardware Asylum, you should review one of our Threadripper platforms" I'd be all.


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Pfft,  as if hashtags and poundsigns actually work in news postings these days.  Thanks google!

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