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I've been really curious about this processor since it was announced.  Sadly, Intel wasn't nice enough to send me a sample so I'll likely have to hit the retail channels if I want to take the KS for a spin.

Thing is the processor isn't much different from the Core i9 9900K, Sure, with the KS you get a full processor turbo of 5Ghz but, you can get that from a stock 9900k and if you are lucky you can dial the CPU up even more.  For instance the Core i9 9900k I have runs 6Ghz on LN2 (which is bad) but will run 5.3Ghz on water all day long.

I did check out the TechPowerUp review and W1zzard could only get 5.2Ghz out of his proc which could be one of a number of things including Bad Board, Bad Processor, Bad Chair to Keyboard Interface.

The Core i9-9900KS is Intel's new consumer flagship processor. It runs at 5 GHz boost, no matter how many cores are active, which translates into 10% application performance gained over the 9900K. Gaming performance is improved too, but the pricing is high, especially compared to what AMD is offering.

Based on this review I'm less likely to make the jump to the 9900KS, especially given the $600 USD pricetag.  However, I do want to pick up another 9900k([s|f]) at some point and try for another run at 7Ghz.

Decisions, Decisions

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