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I do enjoy the new approach that Intel has been taking with their HEDT processors mostly in that how we get a processor refresh that will work on the motherboard we already bought.  Case in point X299 was launched to handle Skylake-X and now we can use that same board for Cascade Lake-X.

While Cascade Lake-X incorporates some Intel-exclusive features such as native AVX-512 and Optane memory support, a key factor in the platform update is a comprehensive repositioning of per core pricing. It’s no exaggeration to say that Intel have halved their price per core in the space of a generation, making their Core-X lineup extremely attractive compared to just one year ago.

Funny side note, Cascade Lake is located in my home state of Idaho.  It isn't really a lake but is a popular recreation spot for folks that cannot afford to go to a real location. happy smile

Assuming I get a Cascade Lake processor I will be sure to take a picture of the processor with the lake AND if one dies I will be sure to drop it in the middle.

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