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When Threadripper first launched I told myself I wouldn’t get all sappy and get one just because.  Well, fast forward several years and you have a guy who will be buying one just to see what all the fuss is about.

And check out some of the super sweet motherboards that are being built for the platform.

Third Generation Threadripper is based the Zen 2 architecture found in both EPYC ROME enterprise CPUs and desktop Ryzen chips. It’s a significant departure from the Zen+ architecture of Threadripper 2000-series CPUs, and is manufactured in a chiplet fashion utilising 7nm lithography. This allows them to cram in even more active cores running at higher operating frequencies than equivalent Zen+ models, pushing the bounds of performance outwards yet again.

I am still a firm believer that the only reason Threadripper exists is to get YouTube'ers all juicy and the prospect of performance and views while AMDs true reason is to show what their cores can do since at the lowest level they are pretty darn slow.

Yes I am talking about threaded performance not the collective performance of a BUNCH of threads.

BTW, the Vortez editor must have been sleeping when they sent out the press release. OR figured that nobody would post it cause:google.  Basically I'm saying sorry for the misspelling.

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