Miners Found A Way To Bypass NVIDIA's Hash Limits

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As the famous movie quote goes. "Life will find a way" and in this case Miners found a way to use "cheaper" video cards to mine for their digital "get rich quick" coin.

Key points from the post

  • However, it seems that cryptocurrency miners have continued to use GeForce RTX 3060 as their mining chip of choice, bypassing NVIDIA's deliberate restrictions in hash rate.
  • What Happened NVIDIA Corporation NASDAQ NVDA announced the creation of a new product offering the NVIDIA CMP, meant exclusively for cryptocurrency mining in February.
  • 2021 Screenshots posted by a Twitter account that documents tech leaks depicted a stack of eight RTX 3060 graphics cards operating at far above NVIDIA's imposed 2025 MH/s mining limit.

I remember back in the day NVIDIA decided that the GTX 770 would be limited to only 3-Way SLI while the GTX 780 would be unlocked to run 4-Way SLI.  They did this in a driver update and it really crushed the hopes and dreams of overclockers.

Given that NVIDIA controls what the driver can do it seems to reason that they could also limit the hashrate provided they could identify the card being loaded.  Well, given time and some knowledge it would seem that you can bypass just about anything.

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