Ozzie osboren at IBM??

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It seems that the WebSphere software from IBM is now translating webpages on the fly to its users. something that has been long overdue for the web. Now since this isn't really THAT interesting for all of us English speaking folk, what is funny is this..."

``The demand is very simple,'' said Ozzie Osborne, general manger of IBM Voice Systems. ``Its for people who want to translate quickly and easily, who can't get translation. Much of the content of the Web is in English, but population using the Web is becoming non-English speaking.''

Osborne said the WebSphere translation server, which has been tested by businesses such as Deutsche Bank and will be available in March, will provide global entities with the ability to allow their workforce to communicate. It also will open up new markets for English language e-commerce sites.

I wonder if the website will start jammin to "Crazy Train" if you enter the secret code.

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