ARCTIC MX-5 Thermal Compound Review @ APH Networks

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Ok so here is a review that I haven't seen done in a while.  Arctic MX-5 thermal compound.  This is the stuff you can get EVERYWHERE and is actually halfway decent.  As I remember it isn't going to win any thermal performance contests and just about everyone who follows the Angry Millennial on YouTube will physically attack you for considering that bargain thermal compound is any good.

Well, I am rather confident in knowing that without high-precision thermal testing equipment there is no discernable difference between most high-end thermal compounds out there so it really comes down to usability and price.

The ARCTIC MX-5 is a high-performance non-electrically conductive thermal paste that comes at a seriously awesome price.

Gotta love the super short "hooks" to keep you reading.  I would skip the quote here and at least read the opening paragraph; it is pretty good.

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