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I have to say the only reason I'm posting this is because of the stupid product name.  Yes it caught my attention and that is, like, 134% of what marketing is paid to do and.. it worked.

I am also certain there is a logical reason for why they would name their e-Sports edition RTX 3060 "Bilibili" and even if it turns out that they are a fans of the movie Caddyshack and didn't understand that the putters name was "Billy Barou" this translation not good.

All your base are belong to Colorful, join us as we review their iGame GeForce RTX 3060 bilibili E-Sports edition OC, also with 12GB, 3584 shading processors activated but with a proper factory boost clock of 1822 MHz, a graphics card has been tweaked straight out of the box for you and our tested model, comes in a two fan design.

With that being said. the card does look pretty darn good.  White shell with colorful graphics and some nice "encouraging" words to help you get better scores on a video card offering RTX effects at a GTX 1070 speed point.  happy smile

Still, the name could have been better.

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