Funky Kit Review - ASUS TUF Gaming H670-Pro WiFi D4 Motherboard

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TUF Stuff motherboard from ASUS.  I have to say there are two great things about the ASUS TUF.

  1. It seems to be cheaply made so to pass the savings on to the consumer
  2. It still has style enough for those who care even though most buy TUF cause: money

Even the logo is TUF!

If you want to run Intel's latest 12th Gen Alder Lake processors, and you're not too bothered about overclocking your CPU, then there's no need to buy an expensive Z690 motherboard. The Asus TUF Gaming H670-Pro WiFi D4 motherboard has it all. It supports DDR4 ram and offers plenty of features, stability, reliability and performance.

Tall socket FTW! and positioned on a rather normal looking motherboard.  BUY TUF,

or whatever happy smile

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