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I have a love and hate relationship with smart home devices.  From the technical standpoint I love the automation aspects and the ability to program certain systems to react to situations and report back what they find.

However, I do take issue with "how" smart home devices are being handled.  Most require an internet connection, even more require a service agreement and almost every one of them calls home so the data can be stored in the cloud.  Sadly, most smart home devices exist as a way for a company to make money and to do that you have to accept that certain aspects of what you are paying for will be out of your hands.

Seems that is the world we live in and, if you are curious about what is happening in that world you can pick up a video doorbell camera thing and keep one eye on the prize while the other is casually looking out the window.

It’s interesting how over the years the number of smart home devices in our home has grown with a majority of our lighting integrated, smart speakers in key rooms to control things and for music/questions, and we have a good set of security cameras outside to keep an eye on things all of the time and some inside for when we are away. But one of the most quintessential “smart home” devices the video doorbell still hasn’t been added into the mix. It isn’t that I haven’t wanted one, but for a long time I was holding out trying to find one that could integrate without Blue Iris camera setup but there haven’t been much for options, and companies have been trending more and more to their own ecosystems so I decided why wait any longer let's make the step. So let’s check out the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual camera which has a second downward-facing camera to keep an eye out for and on packages.

I find that video seems to be an integral part of the smart home package and for those living in "less than desirable" locations it is nice to finally record thieves in the act.  Sadly, you still cannot shoot them but, until then you can get an answer to that burning question of who stole my inanimate bedtime companion.

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