Gelid IceRock DDR Cooling Kit

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This reminds me of the memory heat spreaders that started cropping up shortly after the introduction of DDR (yes the first Double Data Rate Memory).  The new heatspreaders offered a way to provide cooling to your DDR memory modules and improve overclocking stability.  They also had a more profound impact on the overall looks of your build allowing you to finally color match components.

Seems Gelid is a little late to the party.  Or, have recognized a new trend in memory customization.  happy smile

High Performance DDR Cooling Kit

IceRock features an optimized heatsink.

It’s made of high-grade Aluminum, easy to install, and ideal for boosting DRAM overclocking. Moreover, it supports all DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5 memory.

4897025783737 (black)
4897025783737 (silver)

There is one major issue with these heatspreaders in that most, if not all (except for Crucial) desktop memory modules come with heatspreaders already making it somewhat dangerous to swap the coolers.

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