Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5-7000 CL34 2x 16 GB @ TechPowerUp

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Corsair has been a power house in the PC industry starting out as a premier memory maker they adopted prison rules and "Established Dominance Quickly" and expanded the company through purchase orders and strategic partnerships.

One thing that Corsair has done well since the beginning is the process of "book ending" products and providing solutions to both the high-end and Low-end markets instead of focusing solely on, what sells.

The Vengeance memory line started as a mainstream product and quickly gained acceptance in the gamer market due to their attractive price for performance metric.  (aka: They were cheap and easy to get).

Corsair is back again with even faster memory! Designed to fit right into the Corsair ecosystem, this Vengeance RGB kit is equipped with a 7000 MT/s XMP profile and is ready to take full advantage of the new Intel Z790 motherboards.

DDR5-7000 memory is quite impressive and while very few applications can take full advantage of the performance gains it does look good on a a build sheet.

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