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Gainward..  Now there is a name I haven't heard in a LONG time.  happy smile

Funny story,  I was a HUGE supporter of Gainward, they were a TW brand who offered customized and hot-clocked versions of popular video cards.  Their marketing graphics were eye catching and the PCBs and heatsinks often followed a "red" theme.

Shortly after the company peaked they were purchased by some company in the EU and everything went to shit.  Case in point, this RTX 4060 Ti Ghost, which appears to be the reference PCB with a custom cooler,  no fancy graphics and nothing to let consumers know that this is a special card from a special company.  (Or what used to be a special company)

In this review we take a ghost for a spin, Gainward has introduced their Gainward GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GHOST. Based on a close to MSRP product it comes with 8GB of graphics memory and a 399 USD price tag.

PC Hardware is a balancing act of making a desireable product, establishing a brand and making it affordable enough for consumers to actually "want" it.  As it would turn out, once you attain greatness, along comes a larger company, with no imagination, to simply buy the name to shore up their own line of products.

This happened with Hardware Review sites some 10+ years back, funny thing is the guy buying up the websites and domains never did anything with them which makes you wonder why people/companies even bother.

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