EK Readies for the Upcoming LGA 7529 Socket With New EK-Pro CPU Water Blocks

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EK®, the leading liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is announcing the availability of two high-performance liquid cooling solutions for the Intel® “Sierra Forest“ processor family. EK-Pro CPU WB 7529 and 7529 Rack water blocks are specially designed to cool the Sierra Forest CPUs, a codename for Intel’s first-generation E-core Xeon® server processors based on the LGA 7529 socket. These CPUs are expected to launch in the first half of 2024 and feature up to 288 cores per socket for 576 cores per server. Naturally, with such a high core count, liquid cooling presents a sensible solution to heat management.

The Sierra Forest architecture design aims to achieve ultra-high core counts for greater compute density that would benefit cloud and HPC server applications. However, with greater compute density comes greater requirements for cooling. Even with the E-cores that use less power per core, their staggering density in the CPU will indeed present unique challenges for traditional air cooling.

EK-Pro CPU WB 7529 water blocks feature an evolution of their predecessor’s cooling engine but at a much larger scale due to the much larger surface area of new Intel CPUs. These CPU water blocks feature a precisely machined copper base (cold plate) made of the purest copper available on the market and are treated with nickel electroplating. The top is made of CNC-milled durable black POM Acetal while the hold-down bracket is laser-cut stainless steel.

EK-Pro CPU WB 7529 Ni + Acetal

This is a dedicated workstation-grade water block for Intel LGA 7529 processors. The EK-Pro CPU WB 7529 Ni + Acetal water block features a total of 3 standard G1/4″ threaded ports located on the top of the water block and is intended for workstations and taller server racks.

EK-Pro CPU WB 7529 Rack Ni + Acetal

The EK-Pro CPU WB 7529 Rack Ni + Acetal is a dedicated server-grade water block with 1U rack compatibility. It features 4 G1/8″ ports split into two sides for easier tube management and ultimate compatibility with low-profile racks.