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I have been using an Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD in the Hardware Asylum Podcast machine YEARS now and is one of the primary ways we do game and video captures for the Podcast and YouTube channels.  The capture card was great as it offered VGA and HDMI inputs and I figured it would be great for overclocking streams.

Sadly, Avermedia stopped support for the C127 it when Windows 10 launched and the card was so picky about resolution and refresh rate that it became almost impossible to use.

It would seem that we finally have another option available in the PCI Express based HDMI video capture arena that is also half height.  The form factor is extremely important for most streamers given that stream boxes are designed to be small.  This would also include the podcast machine in the Hardware Asylum Labs.

The eagerly awaited PCI Express HDMI 2.1 capture card is here! The AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K 2.1 GC575 is the new go-to choice for the most demanding live streamers and content creators, at least those who prefer the PCI Express interface over 10 Gbps USB-C or don't have the latter at their disposal.

I might have to pick one up.

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