Noctua introduces NH-L12Sx77 low-profile CPU cooler

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Back in 2012 I reviewed a pretty amazing heatsink from Noctua,  I didn't realize it at the time but the compact design of the NH-L12 allowed it to be installed in my development server that has been running 24x7+365 with the cooler for the past 12 years.  Not only has it performed extremely well but has required on maintenance and delivers a level of cooling that is hard to be at those service levels.

The new Noctua NH-L12Sx77 appears to have a similar design but comes with a slim 120mm fan and no secondary making the cooler much shorter.

Noctua today introduced its new NH-L12Sx77 low-profile CPU cooler for compact, powerful yet quiet Small Form Factor systems. The NH-L12Sx77 is a slightly taller variant of the award-winning NH-L12S, offering improved cooling performance as well as enhanced motherboard and RAM compatibility.

“Our NH-L12S is a popular choice for compact builds in cases like the Fractal Design Terra or Louqe RAW S1, but due to its height of only 70mm, RAM compatibility and clearance for tall motherboard components are limited. At the same time, many of these cases offer a bit of extra space”, explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “This is where the new NH-L12Sx77 steps in: It makes use of that extra space in order to provide enhanced compatibility and even better cooling performance, which comes in handy when building powerful gaming or productivity setups.”

I have never had much luck getting slim 120mm fans to last longer than a few weeks, mostly due to the bearings wearing out.  With any luck the Noctua edition can do better.

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