MSI Project Zero to Debut DDR5 CAMM2 Memory

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Not long ago Crucial sent out a press release announcing their entries into the CAMM2 memory space.  This new memory form factor is designed to replace SO-DIMM modules with the promise of delivering higher memory throughput while also reducing Z-Height footprints.

This is an important distinction given that mobile devices are getting more powerful by the day but are suffering in the size department.

MSI Project Zero is a new motherboard form factor that utilizes both sides of the motherboard PCB.  CPU Socket, expansion slots are positioned on top while power and data connections are placed on the back.  This creates the ultimate in cable management while also creating a semi-closed ecosystem for system builders and DIY'ers.

MSI and Kingston are previewing the next revolution in memory design, the DDR5 CAMM2. Featured on a Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS, the Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 CAMM2 prototype module demonstrates the compact size, thin profile, and potential OC performance.

This is not the first time we have seen Laptop memory on a desktop motherboard and while running SO-DIMM modules would actually decrease performance the new CAMM2 modules should be on par with traditional DDR5 SDRAM.

We will get an opportunity to see these motherboards and CAMM2 memory during Computex 2024 and, for once, I cannot wait wink smile

On a semi related note, much like Project Zero there is a good majority of the population that just doesn't "get it",  The comments attached to the MSI twitter post are a major indication of this.  Some would say "that is the cost of progress" while others would say "that is what you get for announcing a stupid idea".  It will be interesting to see which one is correct and if their M.2 cooler was is indication it will be a popcorn moment for sure.

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