be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 White Computer Case Review @ APH Networks

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I have reviewed a number of extremely large computer cases and while I find them to be a pointless waste of material there are some mentally unstable computer enthusiasts feel they are the cats meow.

APH Networks has a review up of the beQuiet! Dark Base Pro 901 in White.  This is a case I reviewed about a year ago and during CES 2024 we got our first glimpse of the White edition.  Overall, the chassis is identical and will likely get the unstable boyz all juicy for their wannabe white-out mods.

The be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 White computer case remains on top for its quantity of features and quality of build.

The one good thing I can say about the Dark Base Pro 901 is that the removable motherboard tray makes for an excellent test bench, and might be one of the primary reasons you buy one. happy smile

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