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  • DDR Memory Chipset

    Published: Sunday, July 16, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Trying to keep up with current news I found this over at SysOpt today. Personally I like things in pairs but after looking at this chipset solution I might just reconsider......Then again running dual K7's might be pretty cool. here's a clip

    "Intel has already positioned itself with the Rambus memory architecture and has shown little interest in DDR memory types. DDR capable chipsets must be developed by other manufacturers, such as VIA, SIS, and ALI. Until recently, VIA was positioned to take the lead as the first company to produce a DDR chipset, but things have changed. In December 1999, Micron took the lead with its new DDR Samurai chipset. It proved that DDR was something besides fiction, and has laid the way for future DDR implementations."

  • Tyan Tiger 133

    Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 | By: Dennis

    I've had my eye on this board for some time but got turned off to it due to the poor memory performance of the VIA chipset. I guess that's not really the case anymore. Too bad it won't overclock, Then again Tyan never really endorsed overclocking. Personally I still like my Tiger 100 and since it does support P3 Coppermines it can't be that bad.

  • Internet Security

    Published: Sunday, July 9, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Ars has always had good stuff on getting the most out of your computer. Back in the day I went here to learn all about tweaking NT.

    Today I noticed a new article at Ars that might interest you security buffs. Securing Windows 2000. He goes though setting up accounts to securing your workstation from not only crackers on the internet but also that quiet guy in the office we don't know about.

    At the end of the article he has links to sites that will analyze your system for bugs and then email the problems and solutions to you.

    One of my favorites was this site used a product that I'm familiar with, Webtrends, to do the site analysis.

    I started a thread in the forums to discuss this post.

  • HDD Cooler Installation

    Published: Saturday, July 8, 2000 | By: Dennis

    I just finished my HDD Cooler Installation Project. It was a very simple install and only took me about 15min to complete (minus the time to take the photos).

    Believe it or not this cooler works just as good as the "traditional" coolers that I have on my other machine and makes less noise.

  • Cheap Fan Filters

    Published: Thursday, July 6, 2000 | By: Dennis

    This is a great link for the thifty that need to control some dust. Great pictures too!

  • Mac Version of Diablo II has gone GM

    Published: Thursday, July 6, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Can you believe it? Blizzard is finally treating Mac users as Human Beings too! Woohoo... Can't wait to stomp some PeeCee Butt when I get my hands on this little GEM!

  • How to post news

    Published: Sunday, July 2, 2000 | By: Dennis

    I would just like to extend an inventation for you the viewer to help spread the news. If you see a hot topic, and would like to see it on fill out the news submission form.
    Don't be limited to just hardware, software, or gaming news either. All posts will be considered.

    Here is something cool for all of us that know a bit about HTML. When you are submitting your news item and want to add an image, or bold some text simply place the proper tags in the proper place. Be creative and simple you would be suprised how easy it is. Keep in mind that images cannot be uploaded so be sure to include a full http:// link when posting them.

    If you have questions about how this works feel free to email me


    Published: Sunday, July 2, 2000 | By: Dennis

    Hello all, I have been working as fast as I can to get this site complete. I am hoping for a grand debut sometime after the 4th. If all goes well there will be 2 quake servers running, the message forum, and the latest news on hardware, software and gaming.

    Please also check out the other areas of the site. The Links and Filez sections are almost complete. If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests please let me know.

    Keep watch to this page more to come.