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Springtime is Boring for the Hardware Enthusiast

Published: Thursday, April 02, 2015 - By: Dennis
News Source: Ninjalane

Springtime is one of the worse for PC hardware. Sure there might be a random awesome speed SSD released, "big whoop"   There might even be a video card out there so powerful it has been dubbed the GPU of Power, "meh, needs more VRM" and yes there is always LN2 but after you figure delivery and kneaded eraser invoices you have blown your wad and have nothing left for beer.

I guess it might be time for something new, something totally fresh and new.  Something I haven't done in awhile.


Seems I have one of those "S-Frame" cases and a closet full of hardware but nothing exotic enough in the cooling department to really make the case stand out.

NVIDIA GTX 960 Launch Day

Published: Thursday, January 22, 2015 - By: Dennis
News Source: Email

Maxwell, the new GPU core from NVIDIA has been making headlines over the past several months from amazing gaming accolades to record overclocks above 2Ghz.  And, why not, the GPU is fast, power efficent and does 4k with ease. 

NVIDIA claims that the 60-series cards (GTX 660, GTX 760) embody the "sweet spot" when it comes to gaming GPUs.  The new GTX 960 should serve as the new performance leader in mainstream gaming once again giving gamers a reason to upgrade..

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Be sure to check out our own review of the EVGA GTX 960

Computex 2014 In Win S-Frame @ Hardware Asylum

Published: Monday, June 02, 2014 - By: Dennis
News Source: Ninjalane

In Win will be showing a new chassis design at Computex 2014 and has stretched the boundaries of what a computer chassis can be.  The new S-Frame is a folded aluminum chassis that is encased in glass and supports 4-way video card configurations and a plethroa of cooling options.

As you can guess a chassis like this isn't going to be cheap but it has a ton of modding potental and sure is amazing to look at.  

The Illusion of Overclocking Support @ Hardware Asylum

Published: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - By: Dennis
News Source: Ninjalane

I have noticed a disconnect in the hardware world and I call it the illusion of Overclocking Support. This article is a look into overclocking as a professional hobby and how hardware makers aren't taking advantage of their efforts.

Seems like a good article about how we need more media coverage for overclocking competitions and some good commentary to make it interesting.

Hardware Asylum T-Shirts Available Now!!

Published: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - By: Dennis
News Source: Hardware Asylum

Back in the days of I showed and shared my support for the website by embroidering the Ninjalane star on some shirts.  Most of them were for me but I always made some extras as gifts for my mfg partners and sold a few to friends.

With the launch of Hardware Asylum I figured it was time to design me up some t-shirts but instead of doing a simple embroidery I went the silkscreen route and have to admit they turned out GREAT!

You will find the large Hardware Asylum logo and web address on the back and a smaller version of the flame guy on the front left chest.

As it would turn out when you do "real" screen printing there is a minimum order you must put in and after the pre-orders have been shipped and my samples removed there are some extras.

For those of you who would like to get a piece of Hardware Asylum history send me an email.  I currently have Mens Large and Extra Large available (American sizes) @ $15.00/ea + shipping (US Postal) PayPal is accepted.

Use Your Borderlands 2 Golden Keys!?!

Published: Sunday, March 09, 2014 - By: Dennis
News Source: Hardware Asylum

For those of you who have played Borderlands 2 there is a chance you have seen the Mysterious Golden Chest in Sanctuary.  As you are progressing thru the game it becomes difficult to get "good" high level loot making your game progress take longer.  The Golden Chest is a way around that and by spending a Golden Key you are rewarded with a guaranteed purple drop that is level matched to the character who spent the key.

If you follow Gearbox Software on Facebook or @DuvalMagic (Randy Pitchford) on Twitter you will get a chance at getting more Golden Keys.  For instance they posted keys for 5 Golden Keys today on twitter with a follow up message.

Randy Pitchford @DuvalMagic

Randy Pitchford @DuvalMagic
SHiFT codes for five Golden Keys for Borderlands 2 on the way. Use them, don't horde them. Good luck, and happy hunting!

The ongoing rumor in the community is that every time a Golden Key is spent a snapshot of your player and game data is sent back to Gearbox so they can determine how often you play, what level your character is and what loot you have.  I suspect they can also gauge how popular the game is which might have also been a driving force behind all the DLC they released.

As listeners of the Hardware Asylum Podcast will know, Darren and I have played a bunch of Borderlands 2, and still play on occasion.  Sadly there comes a time when the loot you have is actually better than what the Golden Chest can provide so you tend to horde the keys figuring that you might use them when you need extra cash or when a playing partner needs a better gun or something.

Right now I have a total of 186 Golden Keys and stopped spending them when I realized that the purple gear in the chest was rather crappy compared to what I have collected.  I'll continue to collect keys for as long as Randy keeps posting them however, unless they start allowing legendaries and pearls to crop up in the chest the chance that I'll spend them is pretty slim.

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EVGA GTX 780 Ti Classified K|ngp|n Edition Video Card Review @ Hardware Asylum

Published: Tuesday, February 04, 2014 - By: Dennis
News Source: Ninjalane

We have said this a few times now but overclocking is a big part of the enthusiast community so we tend to look for special products designed to help us reach our goals. The EVGA GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition is clearly a video card designed for hardware enthusiasts looking to get the most from their system. That is provided you are using it correctly.

NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Video Card Review @ Hardware Asylum

Published: Thursday, November 07, 2013 - By: Dennis
News Source: Ninjalane

The great thing about being NVIDIA is that they always have something available to take on the competition and today they have launched the world’s fastest GPU the GTX 780 Ti(tan)ium.  When this card was announced figured it was nothing more than an overclocked GTX Titan with a 700 series name badge.  However, final specs uncovered that it was so much more.

GTX 780 Ti comes with 2880 CUDA cores (more than Titan) 7000Mhz memory modules (Faster than Titan) and a 875Mhz Core Clock (Quicker than Titan) which makes this card, at the lowest level, a powerhouse of parallel processing.

And, Hardware Asylum as a review

MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2013 live photo coverage @ Hardware.Info

Published: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - By: Dennis
News Source: Email

The MSI MOA this year was plagued with a limited budget that not only impacted the format of the competition but also where it was hosted.  While this may have limited any local foot traffic for those of us outside of Taiwan you wouldn't have known the difference.

The MOA this year occurred over the course of two days and followed a similar format to previous years.  Three benchmarks with the best improvement of score winning that stage but, as we have seen just because you win a stage doesn't mean you'll win the competition.

Hardware.Info appears to have been one of the invited media and has a pretty good photo log of the event.

We’re doing live coverage of MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena 2013 overclocking event today. 16 overclockers from all over the world compete in three benchmarks; SuperPi 32M, Cinebench 11.5 and 3DMark Fire Strike. We’ll updating the link below all day long with new pictures.


Unfortunately one overclocker has to quit the competition before the end. Italian OC-guru Giorgioprimo already had bad luck in the morning, sacrifing his first MPower board. Halfway the Fire Strike session his second board also crashed. And there's more: Mikecdm's Samsung based Lightning card died during the competition.

Darren and I will be discussing the MOA on the next Podcast so stay tuned.

AMD benchmarks show R9 290X faster than GTX 780

Published: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - By: Dennis
News Source: Email

This might be "old news" for the AMD fans out there but last week at the NVidia event in Montreal there were rumors floating around that AMD had set up shop nearby and that NVidia reps were camped out watching to see who (of their invited media) actually went to go see them.

We all know that companies take advantage of media coverage when they can and even make up creative ways to invite them that doesn't come off as morally disrespectful, however wrong it may be.

Journalists (including TR's Scott Wasson) are gathered in Montreal this week for an Nvidia event. It so happens that AMD is right next door to the Nvidia venue, armed with one of its upcoming Radeon R9 290X graphics cards—and it's taken the opportunity to release some internal benchmarks comparing that card to Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780.

I wasn't suprised to hear that AMD was in the area during the NVidia event, they tend to bogart time during the IDF and yet when they host a private media showing in Hawaii does Intel or NVidia butt in?

I'm not sure, seems they never invite me to those kinds of parties.