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  • Battlefield V Tides of War GeForce RTX DirectX Raytracing @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 | By: Dennis

    With the only game on the market to support RayTracing there is a lot of pressure to make sure the game plays well and remains in the news as long as possiable.  And, what better way to ensure that than to release an update to increase performance.

    DICE released the Battlefield V Tides of War update today, which includes improvements to NVIDIA RTX raytracing technology. We tested this new version on GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, showing impressive performance gains.

    Most are claiming a 50% performance boost when there is already a 60% hit for running RayTracing.  Seems like it would even out to me  happy smile

  • NVIDIA Readies TITAN RTX Graphics Card @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Sunday, December 02, 2018 | By: Dennis

    NVIDIA is at it again, this time allowing YouTube channels to "leak" box shots of the RTX Titan video card.  NVIDIA even posted an interesting photo to their twitter account which didn't make much sense.

    As it would turn out, someone decided to take RTX and make it T-Rx or (T-Rex) and thought it would be funny.  Well joke is on them since there is already a T-Rex program for NVIDIA which is a GPU mining software package supporting all sorts of different algorithms.

    TechPowerUp has this to say:

    NVIDIA is ready with its new flagship halo consumer graphics card, the TITAN RTX. Several video bloggers such as LinusTechTips have apparently already been sampled with this card, and are probably under NDA not to reveal specifications. Given that "Turing" is the only NVIDIA architecture capable of RTX, NVIDIA could be building the TITAN RTX on the largest "TU102" silicon. The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti does not max out this silicon, leaving NVIDIA room to do so with the TITAN RTX.

    A maxed out "TU102" should feature 4,608 CUDA cores, 288 TMUs, 96 ROPs, in addition to 576 tensor cores and 72 RT cores.

    Gotta love it when YT channels are able to break NDA.  Or, what I assume is an NDA since none of the written sites I know have posted anything aside from speculation.

    Given that Titan isn't designed to be a consumer card I suspect there a reason to keep things under wraps.

  • NVIDIA binning 20-Series GPUs to limit factory overclocking @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Sunday, December 02, 2018 | By: Dennis

    I remember back in the "old" days Intel was having piracy problems with processors where shady companies would rebrand lower-end chips and sell them at the higher price claiming they were higher-end chips.

    It would seem in an attempt to help control shrinkage due to RMA'ers NVIDIA is now pre-binning chips and only allowing certain chips from being sold as factory overclocked.  

    We reached out to industry sources and confirmed that for Turing, NVIDIA is creating two device IDs per GPU to correspond to two different ASIC codes per GPU model (for example, TU102-300 and TU102-300-A for the RTX 2080 Ti). The Turing -300 variant is designated to be used on cards targeting the MSRP price point, while the 300-A variant is for use on custom-design, overclocked cards. Both are the same physical chip, just separated by binning, and pricing, which means NVIDIA pretests all GPUs and sorts them by properties such as overclocking potential, power efficiency, etc.

    When a board partner uses a -300 Turing GPU variant, factory overclocking is forbidden. Only the more expensive -30-A variants are meant for this scenario.

    This is actually quite smart as it not only helps NVIDIA make appropriate money but allows them to pass the savings on to the board partners who will then (re)bin the chips again so they can offer different levels of factory overclocking.

  • Patriot Launches VIPER STEEL DDR4 16GB 4400MHz Extreme Performance Memory

    Published: Friday, November 30, 2018 | By: Dennis

    FREMONT, CA — November 29th, 2018 — PATRIOT, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals, and flash storage solutions, has announced the release of their fastest kit ever of DDR4 memory today, VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 4400MHz. Built for the latest Intel® and AMD™ platforms, the VIPER STEEL SERIES provides extreme performance and stability for the most demanding computer environments. The VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 memory kit brings Intel XMP 2.0 performance to new heights and is able to achieve up to 4400MHz with a simple setting on supporting Intel’s latest processors and motherboards.

    The VIPER STEEL SERIES utilizes a custom designed high-performance aluminum heatshield for providing optimal heat dissipation when overclocking and foregoing high-performance tasks. These hand-tested memory modules feature the highest quality memory chips and are running performance timings of CL19-19-19-39 at 1.45V. VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 4400MHz is optimized for PC enthusiasts, overclockers, or those who want to push their system’s performance to the limit through the use of extremely fast components.

    VIPER STEEL SERIES offers hardcore overclockers and budget-gamers a wide range of speeds and options as well as an outstanding performance from 3000MHz up to the highest, 4400MHz. The VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and global technical support. Lead the way to extreme DDR4 performance with VIPER STEEL.

    • VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 8GB (1X8GB) 3000MHz PVS48G300C5 15-19-19-39
    • VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) 3200MHz PVS416G320C6K 16-18-18-16
    • VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) 3866MHz PVS416G386C8K 18-22-22-40
    • VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) 4000MHz PVS416G400C9K 19-19-19-39
    • VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) 4133MHz PVS416G413C9k 19-21-21-41
    • VIPER STEEL SERIES DDR4 16GB (2X8GB) 4400MHz PVS416G440C9K 19-19-19-39
  • GeIL Launches New Additions to its SUPER LUCE RGB Sync DDR4 Lineup

    Published: Thursday, November 29, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Taipei, Taiwan – November 28, 2018 – GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – one of the world's leading PC components and peripheral manufacturers today announced the new additions to their SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC Series DDR4 memory. The new modules are available in three capacities and speeds: 4133MHz 16GB (8GBx2) CL19-19-19-39 1.40V, 3600MHz 16GB (8GBx2) CL16-18-18-36 1.35V, and 3200MHz 16GB (8GBx2) CL14-14-14-34 1.35V

    The 4133MHz 16GB (8GBx2) CL19-19-19-39 1.40V DDR4 kits can be the overclocker’s new favorite with support for most ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and ASROCK Z390 and Z370 motherboards as well as giving enthusiasts the room to push their systems to the limit without exception.

    The 3600MHz 16GB (8GBx2) CL16-18-18-36 1.35V DDR4 kits meets the memory needs for any gaming system using the latest Intel platforms and is an excellent solution for first time overclockers. The 3200MHz 16GB (8GBx2) CL14-14-14-34 1.35V DDR4 kits are compatible with both Intel and AMD AM4 platforms and feature a low latency design to enhance performance and offer the most affordable upgrade option for users.

    The SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC Series modules are wrapped in a matte metallic black and the sleek white heat spreader, the RGB lightbar appears more vibrant than ever with the purpose of offering better performance, hundreds of customizable RGB lighting combinations and a characteristic new look.

    Performance and heat dissipation are a significant factor in desktop computers especially when users overclock their system. To help alleviate the stress, SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC Series features high-quality aluminum heat spreader that works to dissipate heat while maintaining performance and stability even while overclocking highest frequencies.

    In addition, the heat spreader designed with the aesthetic LED illumination light bar on the top, the top-lid lightbar fully compatible with the motherboard RGB illumination APPs including ASUS Aura sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASROCK Polychrome sync. The SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC Series provides the largest compatibility and stability for case modders and gamers when paired with the biggest motherboard RGB illumination playground.

    GeIL SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC Series is verified to offer an ultra-stability support for pro-gamers and overclockers, which guarantees a hassle-free game playing environment and fully backed by the GeIL limited lifetime warranty. GeIL SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC Series are now available at select retail and e-tail outlets.

  • COLORFUL Goes Ultra with new iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC Graphics Card

    Published: Thursday, November 29, 2018 | By: Dennis

    November 29th, 2018, Shenzhen, China – Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and high-performance storage solutions proudly introduces the latest graphics in its prestigious iGame series of gaming equipment. The COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC combines excellent cooling with excellent design to bring out the best of the new GeForce RTX graphics card from NVIDIA. Featuring the new Turing architecture to deliver real-time ray tracing, NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX series graphics card bring realism to life and COLORFUL’s iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC is your top choice.

    The new graphics card joins the iGame family of high-performance graphics cards design for gamers that demand uncompromising performance to bring gamers the best gaming experience thanks to feedback from gamers themselves.

    Plus Ultra Thermal Design
    New saw sickle fans are specially designed to bring in 115% more static pressure for better cooling performance. The COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC also features a fan-stop technology for dead-silent operation at below 55*C. Compound heat pipes assist in drawing heat away from vital components of the graphics card and into the massive heatsink for improved performance and longevity.

    COLORFUL has also integrated MosFET cooling directly on the heatsink of the iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC. The compound heat combines good thermal conductivity as well as phase transition to manage heat transfer from the GPU to the heatsink efficiently. COLORFUL has also taken time to implement a good MosFET cooling solution integrating the MosFET heatsink with the entire GPU cooling solution for improve power condition. A cooling plate is fused with the heatsink which directly touches the MosFETs so power delivery components are kept cool for longer lifespan and better operation.

    High Quality Components
    In true iGame tradition, COLORFUL uses only the best and finest components in their iGame products to deliver the best quality and performance that gamers demand. The iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC uses ultra longlife Hi-C capacitors that ensure extended durability versus traditional solid-state capacitors. DrMOS on the other hand lets COLORFUL maximize PCB space to optimize cooling and deliver superior performance. COLORFUL’s signature Silver Plating Technology (SPT) allows the iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC to operate with less heat to compliment the cooling innovations on this graphics card.

     iGame Features
    Fully customize your iGame product to reflect your gamer passion with customizable iGame Dynamik Light for a high degree of freedom in adjusting and creating your own light effects. iGameZone II lets you take your COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC further and unleash its full power.

    To know more about the COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Ultra OC, visit the official product page here:

  • NVIDIA Confirms Issues with Early Versions of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Thursday, November 15, 2018 | By: Dennis

    The lines between clickbait and actual news have become blurred enough that it is often difficult to tell what the truth actually is.  In the November mainshow for the Hardware Asylum Podcast we take a jaded look at clickbait and how powerful it can be.

    As annoying as it is, I cannot argue at how well it works and sometimes which I could stoop to that level.

    It would seem that NVIDIA has finally admitted that there are issues with the RTX 2080 Ti, which is something we addressed in our podcast, and as we predicted it really was a minor issue in the grand scheme that exploded in the hardware circles.

    The issues started cropping up throughout tech forums, before reaching a critical mass that warranted coverage - just in case this was exactly what it seemed, ie, a production issue.

    It seems this was just so, and that the problem was luckily limited to some early manufacturing issues or QA controls. As NVIDIA themselves put it, "Limited test escapes from early boards caused the issues some customers have experienced with RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition." The company then says that they stand ready to help customers who are experiencing problems - but nothing else was to be expected, really.

    As you can imagine dropping 1200 bux on something will get people rather excited when the stuff don't work.

  • Gigabyte‚Äôs latest RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 cards are liquid cooled @ PC Gamer

    Published: Monday, November 12, 2018 | By: Dennis

    So, it is no secret that watercooling is "the hot thing" right now when it comes to custom PCs.  The YT guys do builds for various reasons, watchers of YT content trigger off someone filling a loop with the 24-pin power connected and experienced builders like myself pretty much go "pfft" at all of it.

    Gigabyte is getting on the EVGA and ASUS bandwagon to capture some of that custom waterblock action, adding their own brand of RGB and even hotclocking the cards 140Mhz to make them worth buying.

    These are factory overclocked models with relatively aggressive boost clocks. The 2080 Ti boosts to 1,770MHz, which is 225MHz faster than Nvidia's reference blueprint, and 135MHz higher than Nvidia's own overclocked Founders Edition model. Similarly, the 2080 hits a 1,890MHz boost clock out of the box. That's 180MHz faster than reference, and 90MHz higher than the FE model. Gigabyte also goosed the memory on both cards, to 14,140MHz (up from 14,000MHz).

    There could be headroom to spare.

    To help keep things stable, Gigabyte opted for a 16+3 power phase design on the 2080 Ti and a 12+2 power phase design on the 2080. Both cards are backed by a four-year warranty.

    Be sure to check out the post over at PC Gamer to get all of the hot and juicy details including photos, specs and speculation.

    On a side note I do like that these are custom PCBs making them not only better in the PC but better for you too. 

  • Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Review @ Vortez

    Published: Thursday, November 08, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Speaking of keyboards here is a board that will set you back 2 bills and then wil ask you questions like "why did you buy me?"

    The X1 RGB gaming keyboard comes in a sleek and stunning finish that delivers 16.8 million of true RGB color illumination with 12 dynamic lighting effects. Best yet, it is exclusively compatible with all Thermaltake TT RGB Sync Power Supply and Liquid Cooling Solutions – iRGB PSU, Riing Plus, Pacific W4 Plus CPU Water Block, Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator, Floe Riing RGB 360, Pacific Lumi Plus LED Strip – and any other product range sporting the TT RGB Sync logo, enabling enthusiasts to sync all RGB colors seamlessly to all Thermaltake compatible product lines for even greater color coordination. In addition, the X1 RGB comes with an exclusively designed smartphone/tablet app with voice controlled AI for access to light functions and essential macros. The app also includes an exclusive patented designed Virtual Game Controller (VGC) mode for a truly unique and astounding mobile gaming experience.

    Vortez did a review of the Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB gaming keyboard and even included a shot with the red keycap replacements.

    The TT Premium X1 RGB is the keyboard in question, and it's off to a strong start. Out of the box, the TT Premium X1 RGB comes with Cherry MX Silver Speed switches - which we have on hand or MX Blues, so you get the idea as to the demographic this is aimed towards. Switches aside, the rest of the feature set is ample and impressive.

    Cherry switch this, Cherry switch that.  happy smile  With all the different Cherry colors coming out its no wonder the OCD keyboard warriors of reddit are arguing about actuation points and pressure sensitivity for their weak fingers to press.

  • FNATIC Streak Gaming Keyboard Review @ ThinkComputers

    Published: Thursday, November 08, 2018 | By: Dennis

    When it comes to keyboard designs you must ask yourself two questions.  Who is making this board? and when the company says they designed it themselves how much of it are they really designing??

    My favorite keyboard of 2018 so far has been FNATIC’s miniStreak, which is their tenkeyless keyboard. I was so impressed with it, I gave it a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award! Today we have the larger, full-size version of that keyboard, the Streak. It offers a similar design, Cherry MX mechanical key switches, full RGB backlighting, and much more! Could this be my favorite full-sized keyboard? Read on as we find out!

    We got to see some FNATIC gaming gear at CES last year and while they keyboards were really quite nice they weren’t all that special either.  Sure the branding was cool and they had hardware based macro support.  AZIO did hardware based macros quite some time ago and don't get me started on switch types!

    If anything I'm just jealous that ThingComputers got a keyboard while I had actually met with the team and said, "hey send me a board"