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  • Thermaltake Presents a New Lineup of CTE (Centralized Thermal Efficiency) PC Chassis

    Published: Saturday, January 14, 2023 | By: Dennis

    A Leap-ahead in thermal solution design and heat dissipation through increased chassis ventilation

    Walnut, California - January 5th, 2023 - Thermaltake - the premium brand for PC Case, Cooling, Power, and memory solutions, is proud to introduce its brand-new CTE (Centralized Thermal Efficiency) lineup of PC cases and will be showcased during CES 2023. Thermaltake's CTE series PC chassis is crafted to offer optimal thermal performance and heat dissipation through increased chassis ventilation. The CTE chassis will be available in three different models and include both TG and Air-focused panels, offering a choice of cosmetic options. Additionally, with the optimization for air, AIO/DIY Liquid cooling, the CTE lineup is intended to deliver a high degree of thermal performance to support the latest graphics cards in the market and future high-performance gaming PC builds.

    Key Features of the CTE Series:

    • 90 Degree Rotation of the motherboard provides more efficient airflow pathways.
    • Full Mesh Airflow and TG Panel options are available.
    • Increased Efficiency for Cold Air intake and heat extraction.
    • Multiple AIO and LCS radiator mounting locations support up to 420mm. 
    • Patented rotational PCI-E slots to display graphics cards horizontally or vertically.
    • New CT Series Fans are available in black or white and RGB or non-RGB, with new housings.

    The new CTE technology by Thermaltake broke through the conventional chassis design with its reformatted internal arrangement. It was created from the ground up with the ever-increasing need for thermal efficiency. This approach provides a robust and efficient airflow path inside the chassis by moving critical heat sources closer to intake and offering a more efficient exhaust path. Furthermore, the abundance of mounting locations for cooling fans and AIO/DIY radiators, up to 420mm in sizing, make the CTE series ideal for all types of cooling, whether water or air. The overall approach has allowed CTE to offer a better and more efficient solution while still providing users with a large amount of customization for building and modding to create unique works of art.

    With the CTE lineup are the all-new CT series fans, available in both 120mm and 140mm, black or white, and with or without RGB for build compatibility. The CT series fans feature a new-generation PWM motor and hydraulic bearing for unprecedented reliability, combined with a unique blade design to push the air further than a traditional fan, even at speeds under 1500 RPM.

    The CTE series will be available in major retailers starting April 2023

    C750 Air/C750 TG ARGB, C700 Air/C700 TG ARGB, T500 Air/T500 TG ARGB

  • Thermaltake Unveils Ceres 500 TG ARGB Gaming PC Cases

    Published: Friday, January 13, 2023 | By: Dennis

    The mid-Tower configuration supports the latest generation of high-performance graphics cards

    Walnut, California - January 4th, 2023 - Thermaltake - the premium brand for PC Case, Cooling, Power, and memory solutions, is excited to announce the brand-new Ceres 500 TG gaming PC chassis set to debut during CES 2023. Thermaltake's Ceres 500 TG ARGB is built to bring optimal thermal performance through the three-meshed metal panels, which are intended to obtain more cooling air intake for excellent ventilation. Thermaltake Ceres 500 TG ARGB gaming chassis is optimized for both Air and AIO water cooling options and includes support for up to 420mm radiator sizes. In addition, the chassis comes preinstalled with four CT140 ARGB Fans for robust air-cooling efficiency out of the box. 

    Key features of the Ceres 500 TG ARGB Mid Tower Chassis

    • Four new CT140 ARGB fans are pre-installed, with three at the front and one in the rear.
    • Hinged 3mm Tempered Glass Side Panel
    • Support for 3.9" LCD panel kit through TT RGB Plus 2.0 software
    • Patented rotational PCI-E slots to display graphics cards either horizontally or vertically,
    • Riser cable bracket allowing for 90-degree or 180-degree riser cable installation
    • Storage support for up to a total of five 3.5" HDDs or up to eight 2.5" SSDs

    The Ceres 500 TG ARGB boasts a unique mesh front and top panel with removable air filters, a solid metal frame, and four pre-installed CT140 ARGB fans, and it can accommodate AIO radiators up to 420mm. Furthermore, the 3mm thick tempered glass side panel is hinged for convenience and creates a framed view of the components inside. With its optimized cooling performance, customization options, and modern aesthetics, the Ceres 500 TG ARGB would be an ideal chassis for the next custom gaming build.

    Ceres 500 TG ARGB will be available in the middle of January in major retailers.

    Ceres 500 TG ARGB Black and Ceres 500 TG ARGB Snow

  • Holiday Hardware Giveaway With Thermaltake - Winners Picked

    Published: Monday, January 9, 2023 | By: Dennis

    Hello Readers!

    I wanted to thank EVERYONE who entered the Holiday Hardware Giveaway featuring products from Thermaltake.

    Winners for the giveaway have been picked and notified via email.  Please check your inboxes or check the following Gleam.IO page to get a list of winners.

    With luck we will have more giveaways in the coming months.  With that I wanted to wish you all the best for 2023 and thank you again for your support.

  • it is CES week

    Published: Wednesday, January 4, 2023 | By: Dennis

    Hello Everyone,  I don't normally post things like this but, it is CES2023 week and while I away attending the show the majorty of the cool things I see will be posted on the Hardware Asylum Social Media channels.  (and my personal Instagram)

    If you are wanting to see what is going on check out the Hardware Asylum Twitter

    Of course, after the show you can hear all about CES2023 on the Hardware Asylum Podcast and a few follow up articles.

  • Funky Kit Review - Yeyian AKIL 3500 TKL Gaming Keyboard

    Published: Tuesday, January 3, 2023 | By: Dennis

    We recently reviewed the Yeyian Spark gaming keyboard and found it to be a nice entry into the mechincal keyboard gaming space.  Of course, the Spark was a slightly larger TKL whereas the AKIL 3500 is a little smaller

    If you’re after a 65% TKL wireless keyboard with the option for Bluetooth or wired USB-C connectivity, then take a look at the Yeyian AKIL 3500 TKL Gaming Keyboard. It features responsive OUTEMU Red switches which are hot-swappable, and comes with RGB illumination, as well as Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover technology!

    If you are looking for an inexpensive mechincal gaming keyboard the Yeyian should make the short list to check out.

  • Lexar Unveils New Gaming Products and Enhanced Pro Photo and Video Products at CES 2023

    Published: Tuesday, January 3, 2023 | By: Dennis

    LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, January 3, 2023—Lexar, a leading global brand of flash memory solutions, is unveiling new products specifically made for gaming at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES® 2023). The new gaming portfolio includes a variety of products, including DRAM, internal SSDs, portable gaming SSDs, and to keep up with increasing mobile category growth, microSD™ cards.

    Among the gaming lineup are the new ARES DDR5 RGB 6000MHz, as well as existing products NM800PRO with Heatsink M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD, the SL660 BLAZE Gaming Portable SSD, and the PLAY microSD™ UHS-I Card.

    “We are excited to bring the quality, performance, and reliability you expect in our professional photo and video products to the gaming market. Our gaming products are designed to meet the unique needs of gamers and enable them to play at their peak without worrying about load times, game lag, or stuttering graphics,” said Joel Boquiren, General Manager of Lexar.

    In addition to their new gaming products, Lexar will also showcase their extensive photography and videography portfolio, including the new 512GB Professional CFexpress™ Type B Card DIAMOND Series, the Professional CFexpress™ Type B Card GOLD Series—now available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, and the Professional CFexpress™ Type A 320GB + RW530 card and reader bundle.

    “Our photography and videography products enable both the professional and the enthusiast to get their best shot. Our high-capacity cards allow content creators to capture for longer, while our high-performance products offer blazing transfer speeds to accelerate workflows," said Joey Lopez, Director of Marketing.

    Lexar at CES 2023

    The ARES DDR5 RGB 6000MHz, NM800PRO with Heatsink M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD and the SL660 BLAZE Gaming Portable SSD will be showcased in the Lexar CES suite in a live demo display. Lexar CES will take place at The Venetian, Suite #29-211 (3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109) from January 5th to 7th, 9 AM - 6 PM. Media, industry analysts, influencers, and YouTubers are welcome to visit and experience innovative new products.

    Note: The ARES DDR5 RGB 6000MHz, the 512GB Professional CFexpress™ Type B Card DIAMOND Series, and the 1TB-2TB Professional CFexpress™ Type B Card GOLD Series are not yet available in the US. They will be available in the latter part of Q1.

  • SiSoftware Sandra 20/21-R19 Released

    Published: Monday, January 2, 2023 | By: Dennis

    I just got word that a new version of SiSoftware Sandra has been released and you should check it out if you are interested in benchmarking your current build. 

    Sandra has been used here on Hardware Asylum and since the beginning making it one of the longest running benchmark programs I have ever used.  The package supports a variety of CPU and Memory benchmarks that I use when overclocking to test stability and measure a performance gain.

    Later I started using the storage benchmarks to test SSDs and that is just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the SiSoftware Sandra benchmarking suite offers.

    New in this version

    * Benchmarks, Hardware Support updates and fixes

    • GP-GPU – CUDA Updated to CUDA 11.8 Support for 8.9/9.0 devices nVidia 4090 series FP16 validation failure (too low precision for image size)
    • GP-GPU Memory Bandwidth Corrected DirectX Compute (11/12) bandwidths with internal graphics
    • Memory Detection Intel XMP 3.0, AMD EXPO DDR5 detection missing in some instances Jedec, Intel XMP 2.0 DDR4 write timings if provided by newer standard revision Corrected timings (tRP, tRAS) for some Intel ADL/RPL systems Missing memory timings for some mobile Intel ADP-P/U systems Added support for more chipsets (both AMD and Intel)

    Check out their website to get your copy and consider buying a registered version to experience the power of the registered package.

  • Funky Kit Review - MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk WiFi Motherboard

    Published: Thursday, December 29, 2022 | By: Dennis

    I am a fan of ALL motherboards but, if you look back over my review history, you'll see a distinct lack of AMD enabled motherboards and/or video cards in the archives.  Its not that I am against AMD but, rather I never seem to get any.

    There was an exception during the initial Ryzen launch, Seems AMD had extra press boxes and decided to send me one.  It was during that review that I discovered how crappy the first-generation Ryzen really was.

    Which made me feel better about not reviewing any of them.

    Funky Kit has a review posted for the MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk.  It seems pretty good and the Tomahawk line has traditionally been solid in both features and performance.

    If you're planning to build a new system based on the Ryzen 7000 processor, and you're looking for a mainstream AM5 motherboard that offers affordability and decent performance, then take a look at the MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk WiFi motherboard. You won't find anything better for around USD $250.

    Price seems good too.

  • 1MORE EVO Bluetooth Earphones Review @ APH Networks

    Published: Thursday, December 29, 2022 | By: Dennis

    Ohhhh so tiny!!  You could almost lose these things just by using them.  That is until you start hearing ALL the noises when the Active Noise Cancelling drops out.

    The 1MORE EVO is the best Bluetooth true wireless earphones the company has to offer with great sound and surprisingly effective ANC.

    With CES just around the corner I am fully expecting to see a good number of "these" things on display with all the same features with only a shiny new logo being different.

    Yes, I am saying they are all made by the same company offering a white box option allowing your logo to be swapped out.

  • GeIL to unveil DDR5 8000MHz 16GBX2 Ultra-Speed Memory Kit

    Published: Thursday, December 29, 2022 | By: Dennis

    Taipei, Taiwan—December 26, 2022 — GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – One of the world's leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers is proud to announce the grand launch of the DDR5 8000MHz 16GB x 2 CL38-48-48-90 1.45V ultra-speed modules will be available in Q1, 2023. GeIL DDR5 lineup includes EVO V and Polaris RGB are tailor-made for hardcore gamers and hardware enthusiasts to deliver unparalleled performance and stability. In addition, GeIL Dyna 5 has created a comprehensive and efficient automated testing process for grading and sorting every DDR5 IC. As a result, GeIL ensures the bandwidth data transmission, compatibility, reliability, and integrity to meet all the demands of gamers and overclockers using Intel's latest platforms.

    GeIL DDR5-8000MHz series has passed the required burn-in tests using the latest ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard.

    GeIL is a brand committed to offering memory products with a wider range of overclocking potential to PC enthusiasts and gamers. The latest GeIL DDR5 8000MHz memory modules are built with the advanced PMIC (Power Management IC), which can effectively obtain and control a wider range of localized voltage adjustments. The PMIC is used to enhance the overall stability and performance of the memory module and can effectively unlock additional overclocking headroom.

    GeIL DDR5 8000MHz memory modules will be available at major retailers worldwide in Q1 2023. These modules are the intelligent choice for users looking to get high-performance DDR5 memory that has been highly customized for pro gamers and overclockers alike.