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  • GIGABYTE Launches Z390 AORUS Gaming Motherboards

    Published: Thursday, October 11, 2018 | By: Dennis

    All-Digital Power With Advanced Thermal Design For All Core 5GHz+

    City of Industry, California, October 8th, 2018 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has officially launched its Z390 AORUS Gaming motherboards, optimized for users to skyrocket the new 8-core Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processors to 5GHz+ across all cores via overclocking. With a true 12 phase digital VRM design and robust heat dissipation, the latest iteration of AORUS Gaming motherboards offer exceptional power and temperature management for maximizing the performance and overclocking potential of these new processors. While the Z390 AORUS Gaming motherboards easily fulfill the criteria for a gaming motherboard, the flagship Z390 AORUS Master adds highly sought-after features such as Triple M.2 Thermal Guard for its PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe M.2 slots, superb audio, Fins-Array Heat sink and feature-rich I/O. All AORUS boards offer excellent system performance, power management, heat dissipation, and audio quality for the ultimate user experience.

    All new 8-Core Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processors are built on 14nm technology and support LGA 1151 sockets. BIOS on GIGABYTE Z/H/B 300 series motherboards have already been updated for full compatibility with the new CPUs. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Motherboards utilize a true 12 or 10 phase digital power design paired with a PowIRstage controller or DrMOS to meet the power demands for overclocking to 5GHz+ across all cores.

    Fins-Array Technology makes its much anticipated return to select GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS motherboards with its highly acclaimed stacked fin design. With three times the surface area compared to traditional heatsinks, the stacked fins heatsink vastly ramps up heat dissipation efficacy and provides ideal cooling for the

    VRM while adding extra style points to the board’s aesthetics with its aluminum heatsinks. A Direct Touch heatpipe speeds up heat transfer from the VRM to the heatsink, lowering temperatures significantly and improving heat dispersion by a massive 30%. The thermal pad on Z390 AORUS motherboards is also thickened to 1.5mm to improve the contact between the VRM and its heatsinks, allowing for superior heat transfer. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS motherboards comes with a larger power supply area on the base of its 2x Copper PCBs design. Doubling the power and ground layers of the motherboards allow for greater stability and reliability when overclocking.

    The backplate design on the Z390 AORUS Master fortifies the structural integrity of the PCB and also quickly disperses excess heat from the components on the backside of the PCB to mitigate overheating from system overloading. Stylish yet practical, the integrated I/O shield is easy to install and provides superior protection to rear panel features such as the USB 3.1 Gen2, network connectivity ports, audio jacks, and other expansion ports. Troubleshooting is also straightforward for users as the board’s power, restart, clear CMOS are integrated on the rear I/O.

    Select Z390 AORUS motherboards come with built-in Intel® i219v Ethernet and cFosSpeed network traffic management, improving network bandwidth utilization. Together with Intel® CNVi 802.11ac 160MHz 2x2 high speed WIFI, gamers can enjoy the fastest connection speeds with the flexibility of both Ethernet and WIFI, for the most stable and fastest network connectivity.

    Audio quality on motherboards is another aspect that users value greatly so the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Master comes through with the ALC1220-VB audio engine and pairs it with WIMA FKP2 and Nichicon Fine Gold studio grade audio capacitors to bring professional recording studio audio quality to the PC. Audiophiles should be familiar with ESS SABRE DAC, commonly found in professional audio equipment, which is integrated in the board’s audio configuration. Through the GIGABYTE exclusive design, users can enjoy immersive, professional quality sound when gaming or watching multimedia, for a high-fidelity audio experience.

    GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Gaming motherboards support the lighting brilliance of RGB Fusion Technology. While RGB Fusion Technology brings back the features that users enjoyed with previous generation motherboards, users will be able to enjoy a newer, improved version of this lighting technology and its support for digital LEDs and lighting strips. Taking user feedback into consideration, GIGABYTE has implemented new lighting patterns that glow from the back side of the PCB for a more understated and mellow look that exudes elegance. RGB Fusion software provides users with a great deal of customizability, allowing them to control an assortment of lighting patterns on RGB ready motherboards, peripherals, and fan favorite products such as the AORUS RGB Memory Kit which provides users with two RGB memory modules and two more RGB infused modules. Users can indulge in the smoothest lighting synchronization effects with their personalized lighting configuration.

    GIGABYTE exclusive Smart Fan 5 Technology with Fan Stop not only provides the best support for liquid cooling setups but is the cooling solution of choice for the powerful 8-core Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processors. Fan Stop technology enables users to configure the fans to stop when the system drops below selected temperature thresholds, saving energy and reducing unwanted fan noise while also restarting the fans when necessary, to offer that perfect balance between quiet and cool. Smart Fan 5 supports multiple temperature sensors which keeps users informed with the most up-to-date cooling information so they don’t need to worry about stagnant water flow or poor heat dissipation. The all new Smart Fan 5 uses all hybrid fan connectors with a high current powered fan connector that allows users to configure their systems to automatically detect cooling issues regardless of what fan header or liquid cooling the user is using, giving users full system control and an easy-to-use cooling solution. The upgraded Smart Fan 5 intelligent fan control monitors GPU temperatures for users to keep track of in-game, preventing FPS drops due to GPU overheating during an intense combat situation in-game.

    The quick charge function on previous motherboards has been significantly upgraded on the Z390 AORUS Series Gaming motherboards with the newest USB TurboCharger technology. Connecting the front panel USB Type-A connector chassis cable to the USB TurboCharger allows users to charge their Android devices through QC 3.0 and Apple devices through Apple Fast-Charge at a blazing fast charge rate of 50% in under 30 minutes.

    UI improvements to the BIOS interface and a new graphical design makes configuring BIOS settings much more intuitive and user friendly than ever before. Important information on clock speeds, memory data, storage devices, fan status and other important hardware is clearly displayed for the user to evaluate. Users can even add/delete items to their favorites list for added convenience.

    Quality of life features have also been added to our new BIOS UI such as the optimal memory notice which will warn users and remind them to reconfigure their RAM if it was incorrectly installed in single channel mode. Another subtle but important addition to our new UI is the change log. When users save and exit the BIOS they will now be prompted with an overciew of all the adjustments they have made to ensure nothing goes overlooked.

    The GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Gaming motherboards lineup offers a diverse range of features through the implementation of the aforementioned technologies. Utilizing renowned GIGABYTE Ultra-Durable Technology components, all-solid capacitors, and all digital power designs with intelligent fan control design, these motherboards are both energy-saving and environmental friendly while offering impressive performance and

    durability for the best user experience. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Gaming motherboards are perfect for users seeking a platform that fires on all cylinders.

    For more information and news on GIGABYTE products, please visit the official GIGABYTE website:

  • G.SKILL Announces Double Capacity DDR4 with Trident Z RGB DC Series 32GBx2 Memory Kits

    Published: Thursday, October 11, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Taipei, Taiwan (9 October 2018) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is excited to announce Trident Z RGB DC series DDR4 64GB (32GBx2) memory kits. Utilizing the latest Double Capacity DIMM technology closely developed with ASUS, the Trident Z RGB DC series DDR4 memory is able to provide double the maximum capacity of DDR4 UDIMM modules on select ASUS Z390 chipset motherboards.

    Double Capacity DIMM Technology
    Up until now, 16 DRAM ICs per module was the maximum quantity of memory chips on standard UDIMM memory solutions. For this major technological limitation breakthrough, G.SKILL worked together with the ASUS ROG team to develop a brand new customized PCB solution that doubles per module capacity to 32 DRAM ICs. This increases memory density up to 32GB per module with current 8Gb DRAM components. The Trident Z RGB DC memory modules stand taller than the classic Trident Z RGB modules in order to accommodate the increased number of DRAM chips, while maintaining the award-winning Trident Z design and the customizable RGB functionality through the same lighting control software, as well as the ASUS Aura Sync software.

    Supported Only by Select ASUS Z390 Motherboards
    In cooperative development with ASUS, the Double Capacity UDIMM technology in the Trident Z RGB DC series memory kits is only supported on the three latest ASUS Z390 chipset motherboards at launch: ROG Z390 MAXIMUS XI APEX, ROG Maximus XI Gene, and ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING. Previously, motherboards designed with only 2 memory slots only allow a maximum of 32GB (16GBx2) to be installed, but with the new DC technology, it’s now possible to install the maximum supported capacity of 64GB on these 2-DIMM motherboards.

    High Speed Specifications
    Engineered by the experienced G.SKILL R&D team, the Trident Z RGB DC series at launch is meticulously designed with powerful Samsung B-die ICs to deliver ultra-fast overclocking speeds up to DDR4-3200MHz at CL14 timings, even with 64GB large capacity kits. Supporting Intel XMP 2.0 profiles for a trouble-free overclocking experience, the following chart shows the available specifications at launch:

  • EK-Velocity CPU Water Block @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | By: Dennis

    We used this waterblock in the View X31 mod to replace the RGB one that TT included with their hardline kit.  The block has excellent performance but the microfin design doesn't play nice with opaque fluids.

    EK Water Blocks has released their newest CPU block four years after the EK-Supremacy EVO came out. The new EK-Velocity attempts to not only bridge the gap of these past years, but also work for the next few by streamlining the cooling engine for higher flow, adding more customization options, including two different RGB lighting effects, and retaining popular features.

    The block comes in a variety of different configurations and top styles to match just about any build from RGB to steam punk and straight up classy. 

  • Introducing the EVGA Z390 Motherboards

    Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | By: Dennis

    October 8th, 2018 - The Intel Z390 chipset is built for the extreme performance of Intel’s first 8-Core processor for desktop motherboards. EVGA Z390 boards are designed for the purpose of everyday tasks, exceptional performance, hardcore gaming, and, of course, overclocking. Featuring EVGA’s latest GUI BIOS with OC Robot and in-BIOS stress testing, the ability to flash the BIOS without a CPU, and EVGA Nu Audio, these boards offer a little something new for everyone. Although the EVGA Z390 FTW is the first board available, you should always be careful of what’s waiting in the Dark….

    EVGA Z390 Dark
    The EVGA Z390 Dark sets the standard for motherboards based on the Intel® Z390 chipset. Much like the EVGA X299 Dark, its older brother, the Z390 Dark is designed for ultra-enthusiasts looking to pull every last ounce of performance the new 9th Gen Intel® 8-Core CPUs. The Z390 Dark features a 17 Phase VRM design for the CPU, along with two right-angle 8pin High Current connectors to provide maximum power for overclocking. Two SMT DIMMS enable high-frequency and low latency RAM overclocking. The 10-layer PCB is studded with multiple sensors to track a variety of temperatures and voltages across the board, which can be displayed on the dual-LED displays. For its other features, the Z390 Dark contains Creative Audio + EVGA Nu Audio, two Intel® Gigabit NICs, mini-Display Port, onboard power/reset/CMOS buttons, PCIe disable switches, triple BIOS support, 8 smart fan headers, and more swagger than any motherboard should have a right to wield. If you’ve been holding out for a serious motherboard to upgrade, the time has come. Go on, the Dark is waiting.

    EVGA Z390 Dark Features

    • Intel Socket LGA1151, 8th and 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 Coffee Lake-S Processors
    • Revolutionary new power supply input locations for the ultimate in cable management
    • Highly-Efficient 17 Phase Digital VRM
    • Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready
    • Creative Sound Core3D Audio with Output Amplifiers + EVGA NU Audio
    • New Integrated EVGA Wireless Module with Intel Dual-band WiFi / BT4.0 with external antenna
    • 150% Increased Socket Gold Content
    • Reinforced PCIe slots
    • EVGA's Latest GUI BIOS Featuring OC Robot and In-BIOS Stress Testing
    • SafeBoot button to reset the motherboard and go into the BIOS with last known good settings without clearing CMOS
    • Slow Mode switch locks CPU multiplier to lowest possible setting to allow users to switch between max OC and low speeds in real-time.
    • SPI flashing via USB allows you to flash your BIOS without a CPU
    • Onboard Temperature and Voltage Monitoring
    • Onboard Clear CMOS, Power and Reset Buttons
    • Dual EVGA Probe-It Connector
    • Triple BIOS Support
    • EVGA E-LEET X Tuning Support

    EVGA Z390 FTW
    With The EVGA Z390 FTW, high-end gaming is now better than ever without costing an arm and a leg. Featuring 6 SATA ports, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A and Type C ports, USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, USB 2.0 ports, multiple M.2 sockets, Intel® Optane™, 7.1 Channel Audio with EVGA NU Audio, and an Intel® Gigabit NIC, this board is ready for everything. However, this board wouldn’t be FTW without a highly-efficient Digital VRM connected to an 11 Phase power design, 2-way SLI support, metal-reinforced slots, and EVGA’s New GUI BIOS featuring OC Robot and an in-BIOS stress test. The EVGA Z390 FTW is primed to be the center of everything you do next.

    EVGA Z390 FTW Features

    • Intel Socket LGA1151, 8th and 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 Coffee Lake-S Processors
    • Highly-Efficient 11 Phase Digital VRM
    • Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready
    • Realtek 7.1 Channel HD Audio + EVGA NU Audio
    • RGB Header Support
    • 150% Increased Socket Gold Content
    • 100% Solid State Capacitors
    • Reinforced PCIe and DIMM slots
    • Onboard Clear CMOS, Power and Reset Buttons
    • Onboard CPU Temperature Monitor
    • SPI flashing via USB allows you to flash your BIOS without a CPU
    • EVGA E-LEET X Tuning Support
    • 3 Year Warranty

    Learn more

  • Gamdias Achilles RGB Gaming Chair @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Friday, October 05, 2018 | By: Dennis

    So, how do you determine a chair is right for you?  In a room without chairs when you add a single chair then that all of a sudden becomes the best chair.  That decision is easy to make.  However, in a warehouse of chairs you have many options and... the one highlighted in this review is weight.

    Not really physical weight but how much it can support.  aka your butt.

    The Gamdias Achilles is not just a gaming chair of high build quality as it is one of the very few to feature RGB lighting and support for users of up to 200 kg. The cherry on top is the embedded footrest, which proved to be a nice feature, especially after long hours of gaming.

    Great looking chair btw, and now with more girls putting their paws all over the rich corinthian leather.

  • Thermaltake New Riing Trio 14 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition

    Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Effortlessly Command 16.8 million Colors with TT AI Voice Control

    Taipei, Taiwan-September 27th, 2018- Thermaltake launches the Riing Trio 14 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (3-Fan Pack) today as the latest addition to the Riing Trio fan series. The Riing Trio 14 features a PWM controlled 140mm high-static pressure fan and 3 independent 16.8 million colors LED rings that are pre-installed with 30 addressable LEDs in total. As a member of the TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem, the Riing Trio 14 provides LED lighting and fan speed customization via Thermaltake’s patented TT RGB PLUS Software, TT AI Voice Control, and Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Users can sync the Riing Trio RGB lighting effects with local or international weather conditions as a fun way to read the weather. In addition to the latest software support, the Riing Trio 14 is also equipped with high quality hardware technology, the long-life hydraulic bearing, anti-vibration mounting system and compression fan blade design to guarantee excellent cooling performance and quiet operation. Complete your PC build with the gorgeous Riing Trio 14 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition.

    Thermaltake TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem
    TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem is the intelligent lighting system for PCs that combines the most advanced addressable LED lighting with Thermaltake’s patented TT RGB PLUS Software and Amazon Alexa Voice Service. TT RGB PLUS ecosystem provides nearly unlimited possibilities for playing with colors, synchronizing lights to games, music, CPU temperatures and other TT RGB PLUS products, including case fans, CPU/VGA waterblocks, AIO CPU coolers, PSUs, LED strips, gaming keyboards, headsets, mice and mouse pads. The patented TT RGB PLUS software allows users to change the light modes, colors, speeds, brightness, fan speeds via TT AI Voice Control and Amazon Alexa Voice Service.

    Features of the Thermaltake Riing Trio 14 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (3-Fan Pack):

    Patented TT RGB PLUS Software & App
    Monitor the fan performance, adjust the fan speeds, and customize the lighting effects for Thermaltake RGB PLUS series products with the patented TT RGB PLUS Software and an exclusively designed mobile app.

    SyncALL, Say “Hello TT” – Thermaltake AI Voice Control
    Talking to the TT RGB PLUS App is an easier, faster way to set lights for your systems. You can ask it to turn the lights on or off, switch lights modes, dim the lights, change light colors, or adjust lights speeds or fan speeds.

    Works with Amazon Alexa
    All Thermaltake TT RGB PLUS products support Amazon Alexa Voice Service, allowing you to control the lights or fan speeds by talking to the Alexa-enabled device. With the support of Amazon Alexa, TT RGB PLUS products also offer an additional visual cue for checking current weather condition in your location or anywhere in the world. All you have to do is simply starting the sentence with “Alexa, tell Thermaltake”, then the lighting color will correspond to the weather condition in the location.

    The World’s 1st Three Independent 16.8 Million Colors LED Ring Design
    Featuring 30 addressable LEDs (front: 12; middle: 6; back: 12), great light coverage, and uniform color and brightness, the built-in LED ring can paint your build with 16.8 million colors.

    Digital Lighting Controller
    The controller is designed with a DIP switch on the back. Hence, you can set a number for each controller easily. You can add up to 5 devices to one lighting controller and up to 16 controllers to the software. The controller and the coding guide are included in all packs.

    PWM Controlled Fan with 9 Fan Blade Design
    140mm PWM controlled fan with unique 9 blades design is engineered to generate higher airflow without compromising on ultra-silent operation.

    Hydraulic Bearing with Low-Noise Design
    The hydraulic bearing self-lubricates with a high-quality, friction-reducing substance, which lowers operation noise while improving thermal efficiency. The seal cap prevents lubricant leakage and extends the lifespan of the unit.

    Anti-Vibration Mounting System
    In-mold injection anti-vibration rubber pads provide a hassle-free usage with 80% protection coverage for all corners.

    Availability, Warranty, Compatibility and Pricing
    The new Riing Trio 14 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (3-Fan Pack) is now available for purchase, via the Thermaltake worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. Riing Trio 14 RGB is backed by a two-year warranty and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network. For up-to-date pricing of the new Riing Trio 14 RGB (3-Fan Pack), please refer to the Thermaltake website or contact your local Thermaltake sales or PR representative.

  • ASUS ROG Announces PC Partnership with Activision for Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    Published: Thursday, September 20, 2018 | By: Dennis

    ROG Black Ops 4 Products Include Unique Styling, Custom AURA Integration, and Come Bundled with Digital Standard Edition of the Game for PC

    Fremont, Calif. and TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 20, 2018 — Today, ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), announced a collaboration with Activision and Intel® to produce a range of limited edition Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 products in advance of the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC. Expanding on the recently announced partnership, with Activision, which allows consumers who purchase qualifying  ASUS and ROG products access to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, similarly, consumers who purchase certain limited edition ROG Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 products will receive a game code that will allow them to access the Digital Standard Edition for PC at launch. In addition, a unique integration with ROG’s AURA Sync technology allows the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 emblems and RGB lighting elements to echo what’s happening during gameplay.

    Experience Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on the Latest ASUS and ROG Hardware

    Intel collaborated with Activision to help optimize the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for PC gamers, and worked closely with ASUS and Republic of Gamers to create products, like the ROG Strix GL12, that take advantage of the latest Intel® Core™ processors to deliver the premium performance that gamers expect :

    “Intel is committed to enabling the most compelling gaming experiences,” said John Bonini, Vice President and General Manager of VR, Esports and Gaming at Intel. “As an official PC partner of Activision, we can’t wait for the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and our work with ASUS ROG to leverage the latest Intel® Core™ processors, will help bring the game to life on PC.”

    ROG Strix GL12 Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:The limited edition GL12 gaming desktop contains the best-in-class hardware, to deliver exceptional realism in and smooth gameplay in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The GL12 is equipped with a factory-overclocked 8th Gen Intel® Core™i7-8700K processor and a brand-new NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX2080 graphics card. Specially designed for Call of Duty, the front façade includes the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 emblem and orange slashes, in addition to AURA Sync RGB lighting, and the specially-integrated Call of Duty lighting effects which interact with gameplay. In addition, the side panel is emblazoned with the Black Ops series skull. The GL12 will come with a game code that will allow purchasers to access the Digital Standard Edition for PC.

    ROG Gaming Motherboard Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:This upcoming motherboard will support the latest Intel chipset and is the perfect foundation for a Call of Duty gaming rig, as it combines substantial power, smart cooling and faster memory support under a stealthy skin. Loaded with renowned ROG features, from one-click overclocking and cooling to attention-grabbing AURA Sync illumination, this special edition is crafted for the battle ground and will let you become the hero. The soon-to-be-announced motherboard will include a game code allowing access to the Digital Standard Edition for PC

    Customized Call of Duty Design Elements, Emblems and AURA Sync Integration into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

    For other limited edition Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 products, ROG worked with Activision to include design elements and emblems from the game. In addition, the design elements will incorporate customized AURA Sync capabilities and effects within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for PC to AURA Sync capable devices, mentioned in the previous partnership announcement. AURA Sync coordinates colors and effects with compatible RGB-lit products like laptops, desktops, headsets, keyboards, mice, and motherboards, among others, making it easy for users to personalize their entire gaming set up to a consistent look and feel.

    ASUS AURA Gaming: Immersive Gaming Experience with RGB Lighting
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for PC gives the ROG community a totally unique experience that’s possible with AURA Sync-enabled hardware. When playing Black Ops 4, the RGB lighting signals changes in environment and offers crucial visual cues based on the in-game action. With rows of keys that change color when a player’s health drops and switch off as a player’s ammo runs low, players are more in tune with the game and better equipped to handle high-stress situations.

    ROG Strix GeForce® RTX 2080TI OC Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:
    The new ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 TI utilizes a custom circuit board engineered to ensure the highest performance from the GPU. With 16 phases, the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has copious power on demand for both automatic clock scaling and manual overclocking. Premium alloy chokes and solid polymer capacitors ensure the GPU is fed with pristine power. AURA Sync RGB lighting illuminates the backplate and shroud with customizable colors and effects that are easy to synchronize with compatible components. The ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 TI will be packaged with a game code that will allow purchasers to access the Digital Standard Edition for PC.

    ROG Swift PG258Q Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:
    The Black Ops 4 Edition ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor is all about speed — making it the perfect monitor for Call of Duty's fast-paced matches. The Full HD monitor is one of the fastest on the market, with a 240Hz native refresh rate, 1ms response time and NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology for buttery-smooth gameplay in high-fidelity. In addition to matching the game with technical ability, the limited edition comes complete with design elements inspired by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. In addition, the PG258Q will also come with a game code that will allow purchasers to access the Digital Standard Edition for PC.

    ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:
    Sporting a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 motif and a uniquely loaded web UI, the ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 supplies menacing performance that is perfect for Call of Duty gameplay. 2.5G Ethernet and next-gen 802.11ax performance is fueled by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, delivering the power to dominate online skirmishes even when multiple clients are vying for network bandwidth. The Digital Standard Edition for PC will also be included with purchase.   
    ROG Strix Flare Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:
    The ROG Strix Flare Black Ops 4 Edition is a mechanical gaming keyboard that features immersive ASUS AURA Sync and AURA Gaming lighting, in addition to rapid-response Cherry MX RGB switches, dedicated media controls, and an ergonomic wrist rest. RGB Lighting includes vibrant pre-key RGB backlighting and ambient under glow on both sides of the keyboard, and users can customize an illuminated Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 badge to their preference.

    ROG Gladius II Origin Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:
    The ROG Gladius II Origin Black Ops 4 Edition is an optical gaming mouse that extends on-screen action to the illuminations of your mouse through AURA Gaming. The 12,000-dpi sensor tracks every movement precisely, while the exclusive socket design speeds the fitting of sweet-spot switches. Right-handed ergonomics meticulously designed in collaboration with esports pros imbue expert comfort into every sweep and shot.

    The ROG Strix Edge Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Edition:
    The ROG Strix Edge Black Ops 4 Edition is a large, portrait gaming mouse pad with an optimized cloth surface that provides accurate, responsive tracking for outstanding gaming performance. Rounding out the collection of Black Ops 4 Editions peripherals, the ROG Strix Edge features design elements and graphics inspired by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

    The ROG Strix GL12 – Black Ops 4 Edition will be available for pre-order today for $2,599 USD at the following etailers: ASUS Store, Amazon, ABT, B&H,, and Newegg. For more information, including updated where to buy links, please visit:

    Additional limited edition Black Ops 4 ROG Products will be available dependent upon region, and pricing and configurations will be announced at launch. For more detailed information please contact your local ASUS representative.

  • NVIDIA RTX Launch Day

    Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Not to long ago NVIDIA announced their next generation consumer GPU called the RTX 20-Series.  However, unlike previous launches they didn't just launch the GPU architecture but almost the entire line of cards including the 2080 Ti, 2080, 2070 Ti and 2070.  There is no indication that these GPUs will extend down into the 60 and 50 range but, we said the same thing about 10-series and 9-series too.

    With the launch we have some web reviews.  Sadly NVIDIA passed "us" over for a card while other sites got multiples  #notbitter

    Web Reviews
    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080TI & RTX 2080 GPU Review at Modders-Inc
    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio 8 GB @ TechPowerUp
    ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 STRIX OC 8 GB @ TechPowerUp
    Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card reviewed
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti And RTX 2080 Benchmarks: Turing Is A Beast
    ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti STRIX OC 11 GB @ TechPowerUp
    ZOTAC GAMING RTX 2080 Ti AMP Review @ Vortez

    Of course that was only from the sites who still send their press releases to the hardware asylum newsbox.  BTW Betting is still open for how many cards the YT community will be locking up and flaunting around for the launch because they complain.

  • Thermaltake Unveils Versa J Series & V200 TG / TG RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis

    Published: Friday, September 14, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Taipei, Taiwan-September 13th, 2018-Thermaltake, a leading premium gaming tower manufacturer, announced the immediate availability of the Thermaltake Versa J Series, including J22, J23, J24, and J25 TG RGB Edition, and V200 TG RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis. The Versa J Series are designed to satisfy PC builders with different preferences regarding case style. For better ventilation, the J22 TG RGB comes with 3 built-in 120mm 12V RGB fans, two at the front and one at the rear. The J23, J24, J25, and V200 TG RGB come with 3 built-in 120mm 12V RGB front fans. And all the 3 built-in 120mm 12V RGB fans are dual-mode controllable either viathe I/O port RGB button or the synchronization with enthusiasts’ favorite RGB capable motherboard brands, including Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, and Biostar. Furthermore, the All-in-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler products are a perfect match for the J Series and V200 TG RGB Edition. Finally,the TG Editions are also designed to meet every PC builders’ needs.

    The Versa J22 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis is designed for those who want a classic look and 5.25” bay support, but want amazing cooling performance and tempered glass as well. Though a standard mid-tower with ATX support, it still boasts a suite of premium features that make it the most outstanding standard case you’ve seen. Offering premium experience out of the box, the J23 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis is the way to go, especially, if you’re looking for a sleek, modern way to show off your system. Besides, the chassis also features a full-width tempered glass panel on the left side, an acrylic front panel to showcase your fans and lighting modes as well as a handy power supply cover to keep your system looking neat and tidy. Versa J24 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis is custom built for what the very best tempered glass and mesh paneling have to offer. The case is designed as clean and sleek as possible, while maintaining airflow and plenty of space to work in. In addition, the product gives you all the utility benefits you need by supporting the lasted PC hardware and high-end GPU solutions. Versa J25 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis is designed to target PC builders who want a sleek, custom looking case with great airflow and a crystal clear tempered glass panel. Additionally, it is the ultimate mid tower because it supports a huge range of air and liquid cooling hardware, high-end GPUs and even a handy PSU cover in the basement.

    The latest in our line of sleek tempered glass cases and built for high-end hardware and custom system designs, the V200 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis is the perfect upgrade for someone looking to give their rig a facelift which comes with durable tempered glass window, clear acrylic front window and a handy PSU cover.

    Superior Hardware Support
    When it comes to hardware support, the PC builders will be amazed by what the Versa J Series TG and TG RGB Edition can provide. The J22 and J23 TG and TG RGB Edition have outstanding expandability with support for a tower CPU cooler with maximum height 160mm, a dual expansion slot VGA of up to 310mm in length, and a power supply with length up to 170mm. Besides, the J22 is also equipped with one 5.25 bay for optical drive support at the front panel.

    Don’t skim on the power- the J24 and J25 TG and TG RGB Edition give you all the space you need for high-end hardware. They can fit a tower CPU cooler with a maximum height of 160mm, a dual expansion slot VGA cards of up to 330mm in length, and a power supply with length of up to 160mm.

    Handy I/O Ports Including One Button to Easily Access Gorgeous RGB LED Illumination
    PC builders not only can find handy I/O ports on top-front panel of the Versa J Series and V200 TG RGB Edition but can spot one button that can help them easily access gorgeous RGB LED illumination. With lighting modes of RGB Lighting including Single Color, Breath and a range of different colour options, the Versa J Series and V200 TG RGB Edition are able to give PC builders a pleasant and unique user experience.  

    Sync with Motherboard RGB Software
    When designing products, Thermaltake always follows the principle of customer-oriented mind. Therefore besides using I/O ports to control fan RGB LED illumination, PC builders can synchronize with frequently used motherboard brands which include ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock RGB LED, and BIOSTAR Vivid LED DJ and control the lighting modes through motherboard software.

    All-in-One Compatibility
    The Versa J Series and V200 TG & TG RGB Edition can fit various kinds of cooler product including All-in-One (AIO). Water 3.0 and Floe Riing series of AIO designed and manufactured by Thermaltake are ideal options for PC builders to cool down their cases interior environment. With the good variety of AIO products Thermaltake possesses, PC builders can find what they are looking for if prefer All-in-One liquid cooler. Water 3.0 Performer / Pro and Floe Riing 240/360 /280 are good for the Versa J22 and J23 TG and TG RGB Edition. Water 3.0 Performer/Pro and Floe Riing 240/360 are suitable for the J24 and J25 TG and TG RGB Edition. Water 3.0 Performer/Pro and Floe Riing 240/280 can be placed in the V200 TG and TG RGB Edition.

    Availability, Warranty, Compatibility and Pricing
    The Versa J Series and V200 TG and TG RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis is available via the Thermaltake worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. The Versa J Series and V200 TG and TG RGB Edition are backed by a three-year warranty and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network. For up-to-date pricing of the Versa J Series and V200 TG and TG RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis, please refer to the Thermaltake website or contact your local Thermaltake sales or PR representative.

    For more details on the Thermaltake Versa J Series and V200 TG and TG RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis, please visit:  

    Versa J22 TG Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J22 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J23 TG Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J23 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J24 TG Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J24 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J25 TG Mid-Tower Chassis

    Versa J25 TG RGB Mid-Tower Chassis

    V200 TG Edition Mid-Tower Chassis

    V200 TG RGB Edition Mid-Tower Chassis

  • EAK Design Studio MagPower Wireless Charger Power Banks and Gamepads Launch on Indiegogo

    Published: Friday, September 14, 2018 | By: Dennis

    Pioneering company debuts accessories that will optimize smartphones for holding longer charges and enhanced gameplay

    San Francisco, California, September 12, 2018 - Smartphone owners frequently struggle with keeping their devices charged in a convenient way, as well as with enjoying enhanced gameplay. A brand-new technology and design offering solutions to these challenges have just launched on Indiegogo.

    EAK Design Studio’s MagPower N1 and N2 wireless charger power banks offer portable charging that attached to iOS and Android smartphones in such a streamlined way that the user can keep their existing cases. The wireless power banks offer charges that are up to four times faster for Android users and twice as fast for iPhones.

    Customers can choose from the 4000mAh and 8000mAh models, which are both available in white and black colors and have the ability to tether charge up to three devices simultaneously.

    The N2 charger also offers another option that is expected to be embraced by gamers everywhere. This model can be paired with the N2 Gamepad, which transforms the gaming experience by essentially adding a handheld gaming controller to the smartphone.

    EAK Design Studio has conducted extensive research and carried out rounds of prototypes to ensure that the final version is the best. Leveraging the latest in Qi wireless charging, Quick Charge 3.0, and Power Delivery 3.0 technology, users can expect an ergonomic design with powerful results.

    As the MagPower moves from engineering to pre-production stage, EAK Studio aims to use the Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 towards the manufacturing of the MagPower, as well as for raising awareness about the product and achieve the ideal target cost and price for mass production.

    Currently, pledges are being accepted with discounts being offered in exchange. EAK is offering special Indiegogo super early bird rates of $36 for the N1; $50 for the N2; and $67 for the N2 and N2 Gamepad bundle. These rates reflect a 30% off discount from the MSRP prices, which will go into effect after the product launch.