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  • AUKEY KM-G3 Keyboard @ techPowerUp

    Published: Monday, December 05, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Not sure I would trust a no-name brand keyboard on Amazon but, that isn't to say it is bad either.  Though if you think about it why buy a low dollar unknown keyboard when you could just as well buy something more well known OR pick up something at the thrift store with 10 years of human slime between the keys and cigarette ash.

    I mean just sayin.

    You might not have heard of AUKEY, and I thought I hadn't when they contacted me to review their new keyboard, but then I looked at the USB hub I had ordered from Amazon and realized that it was made by AUKEY, as was one of my power packs for my phone. AUKEY seems to be one of those brands that hide in plain sight as they have a lot of products on Amazon and seem well regarded.

    It does seem to have RGB lights and features "Outemu Blue Switches" along with a clear plastic top so, overall not a bad combo?

  • Throwback Time: Foxconn WinFast NFPIK8AA

    Published: Thursday, December 01, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Member when AMD ruled the enthusiast performance world with their A64 architecture?  I member I also member when NVIDIA SLI was limited to only two GPUs.  This wasn't due to internal politics or some sort of driver limitation.  No, it was hardware based and largely because CPU performance at the time wasn't all that good.  DX9 games still didn't use the GPU all that much and video cards were still migrating away from the AGP realm.

    In this throwback Thursday I’m going to show you a little known enthusiast motherboard from Foxconn called the WinFast NFPIK8AA.  This was a workstation class motherboard that not only supported dual graphics cards but was double everything.  Dual cards, Dual channel memory, Twice as many SATA ports and Dual NVIDIA CK8-04-IO4 chipsets.  The board required Opteron based AMD SledgeHammer processors and registered DDR memory. 

    The board really was a workstation class machine and allowed system builders to use PCI Express video cards in a professional capacity instead of just to play games.  Having twice as many chipsets onboard doubled the normal PCI Express bandwidth and doubled your storage capacity which was important back then due to hard drives being smaller.  Big RAID means big storage and speed.

    I ran this motherboard for a short while and was even able to overclock it despite having a locked multiplier and registered memory.  This was accomplished by using the low latency Patriot memory and lots of trial and error. 

    Saying “they don’t make them like this anymore” is an understatement as this board is extreme even by today’s standards.  While we sit back and watch CPU performance stagnate and PCI Express lanes double every few years there is some comfort in knowing that there is a reason for all of this. 

  • Realforce RGB @ LanOC Reviews

    Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | By: Dennis

    The force is real with this one.  I mean with a name like Realforce you'd better start pumping that iron and draggin that sled because you'll be in for a real workout.

    Or, you know it could be just a compact keyboard with RGB lighting effects and a marketing department who is completely out of ideas.  I know, I've been there.

    Over the past few years the market for mechanical keyboards with RGB backlighting has gone crazy. The problem though is all of those RGB keyboards have had Cherry switches, knock off cherry switches, or a few custom switches designed by companies like Logitech and SteelSeries. One of my favorite mechanical switch types is Topre, but with the exception of a few knockoffs you haven’t been able to get Topre keyboards with any backlighting, let alone full RGB backlighting. So when Realforce introduced their upcoming keyboard, the Realforce RGB I had to check it out. Of all of the keyboards I have my Realforce 87u is one of my favorites to type on, but the lack of backlighting or even easy to read legends in the light forced me to keep it put up. So it will be exciting to see how Realforce’s new keyboard performs to see how it compares.

    Keyboards are huge business and while a plain rubber dome is all you need to make letters appear on the screen there are some people out there that want a little more from their PC experience and need to make a little more click in life.

  • MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Quick Silver OC 8 GB @ techPowerUp

    Published: Monday, November 28, 2016 | By: Dennis

    The video card is the heart of any gaming PC and while CPU and Storage play a part there is no better bang for your buck or dollar for your dingle than with a quality video card.  

    To put it more ellequantly you need to repurpose that fistfull of stripper money and drop it into the panties of your favorite video card builder.  I mean seriously, spend money on a video card.

    MSI's GTX 1070 Quick Silver does away with the red-and-black color theme and uses stylish silver instead. Thanks to the powerful cooler from the GTX 1070 Gaming Z, the card is the coolest and quietest GTX 1070 we ever tested. It also comes at a rather affordable $425.

    OMG, not $425!!  That price seems "reasonable"?  The card comes with a new accent color and higher core clock so why not give it a look.  Of course, the question now is. "Will EK be making a full coverage waterblock for it?"

    answer: reasons.

    btw: I'm really diggin the back metal on this card.  bravo MSI, bravo!

  • Asus X99 DeLuxe II motherboard review - Moar Rawr Pew Powar

    Published: Monday, November 28, 2016 | By: Dennis

    There was a time when I was able to review Asus hardware.  Thing is Asus has this "Ferrari" nostalgia surrounding it where it is so well known that people just want one, even if it isn't all that practical.  I can understand this perspective and for the most part the status is well deserved.

    As a hardware reviewer I extract joy from not only using the gear but also sharing my thoughts with everyone else.  Sadly, my views are not shared by many in this industry who are after the paycheck associated with a quick sale of the hardware and not so much of the hardware.

    Guru3D has a review of the Asus X99 Deluxe II.  I didn't read the entire review but can ass-er-tain from the first paragraph and photos that this is a full sized motherboard shrouded in a black and white color theme. 

    Should be good right?

    We test and review the new Asus X99 DeLuxe II motherboard, you can pair it with Haswell-E and Broadwell-E series processors and get your gaming groove on to 10-cores processors. Yes ASUS hits back in all black and white, but not just that as this X99 motherboard is simply LOADED with features and options that will impress. The Asus X99 DeLuxe II motherboard has it all, and then some more. The perfect infrastructure for an uber-enthusiast class PC perhaps ?


    More Powa I guess?

  • TomTom Bandit 4K GPS WiFi Action Camera Review @ ModSynergy

    Published: Monday, November 28, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Action cameras are quite popular these days.  They are currently sold by the extreme sports folks but can be used by just about anyone.  In fact many YouTube channels use them to capture multi-camera angles which are then configured in post.

    Of course those are just cameras that record to an SDcard without many extra features.  TomTom (the makers of..  GPS?) have a new WiFi action cam with 4k recording and built in GPS.  I guess the idea there is to tag where you have been so your friends know where you did those awesome flips or saw Britney Spears in the wild.

    TomTom is incorporating years of experience into their Bandit action camera, leaving no stones unturned in their conquest of the lucrative action camera market.  Bandit sports a 16MP CCD image sensor that allows it to film in FHD 1080p, QHD 2K, and UHD 4K cinematic modes.  It can take 16-megapixel still images, and features an impressive Night Lapse mode to broaden its skill set, allowing users to capture a unique perspective of night brought to life. And you can't have a TomTom product without the GPS!

    ModSynergy will put the TomTom Bandit through the paces, and see if the first generation Bandit 4K waterproof WiFi action camera is something really worth purchasing.  Should GoPro be scared?  Read on to find out

    I know my way around a camera and while there are aspects of the DSLR that elude me my limitations are not from the lack of trying.  There is usually some external force messing with my mojo and causing some small detail to be out of my control.  I'm sure it is easy to solve and is why "automatic" cameras are so popular with the action sports people.  It might be time for me to get in on that action so I can worry about other things.

  • Hardware Asylum Podcast Season 3 on YouTube

    Published: Monday, November 21, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Not much more to be said about that.  I have been in the process of converting the Hardware Asylum Podcast episodes to a video format for consumption on the Hardware Asylum YouTube channel.

    They haven't been getting much traction and every once in awhile I get a copyright strike for music that isn't even in the show but, it is a start.

    If you're into the whole YouTube thing be sure to check out our channel.  I'm hoping to flush it out with some more computer related stuff to help compliment what we are doing here on

    I'm working on getting Season 4 uploaded and then will start working on Season 5.  If you want to get the latest episodes be sure to check out the Hardware Asylum Podcast page.  You can listen to the show there or download the show using the RSS feed.

  • Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 64 GiB Memory Kit Review

    Published: Monday, November 21, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Ahh, the memory review, I re-memory doing these happy smile

    HyperX makes some really solid memory modules, they are right in the sweet spot for a good price for performance ratio and now appear to be available in 64 GB kits!  Four modules, no mercy.

    We tested the Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 64 GiB quad-channel memory kit. Let's see how fast are these memories.

    Umm,  ya.  I seem to member berry that teaser lines are supposed to get people interested in your article.  Instead we can read that you are going to see how fast they are.

    Well if you re-memory why having more memory is a good thing be sure to check out any number of 32GB and 64GB memory kits including some available on my Amazon store. *hint hint*

  • ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 @ techPowerUp

    Published: Monday, November 21, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Gaming i7?  Is Asrock attempting to dictate to me how to build "my" systems?

    Oh wait, you can't buy a LGA 2011 i5 I guess that makes sense the. happy smile

    ASRock's updated X99 board for gamers, the ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7, is fitted with all the latest goodies, including a bundled NVIDIA HB Bridge so you can get the most out of your pair of GTX 1070s or GTX 1080s. Dual M.2, dual Intel LAN, this board is all about gaming pairs!

    Personally I'm glad to see they are still building the Fatal1ty brand of gaming motherboards.  I never got to test one but on paper it seems like a really good match between gamer and hardware.

    A few things to note.

    1. This motherboard doesn't support 4-way SLI anymore (thanks NVidia sad smile)
    2. It is one of those "revision" boards that ASUS likes to release to keep their products fresh.
    3. They added the popular metal braces to the PCI Express slots (me:to anyone?)
    4. Great looking I/O shield

    Looks like I might have to hit them up for a sample.

  • The Corsair Glass Computer Case Launch Day

    Published: Monday, November 21, 2016 | By: Dennis

    Using tempered glass on computer cases isn't a new thing.  In fact it was pioneered professionally by InWin and done with Acrylic by casemodders for years.  Corsair has "finally" gotten on the bandwagon and released their interpretation of what a glass clad computer case should look like.

    Personally I'm a little "meh" over the design.  It is basiclaly a metal box with tempered glass panels attached to the outside.  stand-offs are used to hold the glass to the case which is a common method but also makes the case look like one of those office walls designed by an interior design hipster.  The only thing missing is faux wood veneer and 12v track style RGB lights.

    Web Reviews
    - Corsair Crystal 570X PC chassis review
    - Corsair Crystal 570X Tempered Glass Case Review @ Legit Reviews
    - Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB @ techPowerUp

    Plenty of companies are on the tempered glass train including Cooler Master, Phanteks and InWin.  I'm sure there are others but, they don't seem to trust me to review their products.  #shameonthem