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  • NVIDIA TITAN V Transforms the PC into AI Supercomputer

    Published: Friday, December 08, 2017 | By: Dennis

    Volta-Powered GPU Delivers 110 Teraflops of Deep Learning Horsepower — 9x Its Predecessor — to Researchers and Scientists

    LONG BEACH, Calif., Dec. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems -- NVIDIA today introduced TITAN V, the world’s most powerful GPU for the PC, driven by the world’s most advanced GPU architecture, NVIDIA Volta.

    Announced by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang at the annual NIPS conference, TITAN V excels at computational processing for scientific simulation. Its 21.1 billion transistors deliver 110 teraflops of raw horsepower, 9x that of its predecessor, and extreme energy efficiency.

    “Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI. We broke new ground with its new processor architecture, instructions, numerical formats, memory architecture and processor links,” said Huang. “With TITAN V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists all over the world. I can’t wait to see their breakthrough discoveries.”

    NVIDIA Supercomputing GPU Architecture, Now for the PC
    TITAN V’s Volta architecture features a major redesign of the streaming multiprocessor that is at the center of the GPU. It doubles the energy efficiency of the previous generation Pascal™ design, enabling dramatic boosts in performance in the same power envelope.

    New Tensor Cores designed specifically for deep learning deliver up to 9x higher peak teraflops. With independent parallel integer and floating-point data paths, Volta is also much more efficient on workloads with a mix of computation and addressing calculations. Its new combined L1 data cache and shared memory unit significantly improve performance while also simplifying programming.

    Fabricated on a new TSMC 12-nanometer FFN high-performance manufacturing process customized for NVIDIA, TITAN V also incorporates Volta’s highly tuned 12GB HBM2 memory subsystem for advanced memory bandwidth utilization.

    Free AI Software on NVIDIA GPU Cloud
    TITAN V’s incredible power is ideal for developers who want to use their PCs to do work in AI, deep learning and high performance computing.

    Users of TITAN V can gain immediate access to the latest GPU-optimized AI, deep learning and HPC software by signing up at no charge for an NVIDIA GPU Cloud account. This container registry includes NVIDIA-optimized deep learning frameworks, third-party managed HPC applications, NVIDIA HPC visualization tools and the NVIDIA TensorRT™ inferencing optimizer.

    Immediate Availability
    TITAN V is available to purchase today for $2,999 from the NVIDIA store in participating countries.

  • Introducing the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT

    Published: Thursday, December 07, 2017 | By: Dennis

    December 6th, 2017 – Take on today’s most challenging, graphics-intensive games without missing a beat. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti delivers the incredible speed and power of NVIDIA Pascal – the most advanced gaming GPU architecture ever created. This is the ultimate gaming platform.

    Featuring an all-new 2.5 slot cooler and ultra silent fan profile, the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW ULTRA SILENT gives you the best of both worlds – Cool, silent running and game-changing performance! The larger heatsink efficiently removes more heat, which allows your fans to run at a lower and quieter speed. Alternatively, the improved cooling gives you more headroom to overclock and improve performance without worrying about heat.

  • Magnesium batteries could be a thing

    Published: Saturday, December 02, 2017 | By: Dennis

    When I was a kid the hottest thing you could get for your bike were "Mag Wheels".  They only had 5 spokes and looks pretty darn cool and have largely been replaced by plastic versions that look similar.  Magnesium wheels or "Mags" were also hot on cars too though they quickly fell out of popularity due to safety and price concerns.  You see, Magnesium burns and becomes brittle over time due to how they were cast. 

    Well, it would seem there are other uses for Magnesium and some researchers are looking to it as a safer and more powerful alternative to lithium.

    It's still early days for the promise of safer, energy-dense solid-state rechargeable batteries. However, a team of scientists at the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research have just discovered a fast magnesium-ion solid-state conductor that will go a long way towards making non-flammable batteries with more capacity.

    I find it interesting that it took "this" (I'm holding up a unit of measure) long for researchers to discover their fast magnesium-ion solid-state conductor and figure out how to turn it into a battery.  Then again that was the premise of Iron Man 2 and just look what Tony Stark was able to accomplish.

    Of course, all joking aside, safer batteries are a good thing for everyone and will help pave the way to our electrical future. 

  • Nvidia is Getting Hit Hard with the Crypto Sell Off

    Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 | By: Dennis

    This is some pretty crazy news and shows the power of analysts in the industry.  One person says "sell" and EVERYONE sells,  One person says "buy" and the stock explodes.  It must be nice to have that kind of power over the market.

    Shares of Nvidia are down 5.30% to $199.71 on Wednesday, as the tech sector at large sells off.

    The slide on Wednesday continues Nvidia's fall from the previous day, which came after Mizuho analyst Vijay Rakesh called an end to the crypto boom for Nvidia and other graphics chip makers. Nvidia's graphics cards are often used by cryptocurrency "miners" to try and speed up their systems, and the company has seen increased demand as cryptocurrencies skyrocket in value.

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have hit several major milestones this week, including bitcoin's crossing of $10,000 per coin for the first time ever on Tuesday.

    As some of you who follow tech stocks may have noticed NVDA was on fire this summer rising up to an all time high and then kept going.  Some of that was fueled by the power of Pascal.  Pascal is the new GPU architecture that delivers more gaming power per watt than any other GPU in existence. 

    The reduced power demand appealed to gamers for its smoother gameplay, higher framerates and powerful overclocking.  (even though the overclocking was actually just Turbo Boost adjusting clocks to where they "should" have been)  Cryptominers were looking to maximize profits by reducing their power consumption and thermal demands and started buying up every GPU they could find.

    Shortages created demand which pushed stocks up and made NVDA a very rich company.  It will be interesting if the stock will rebound of if this tiny blimp will be their 5 minutes of fame.

  • PATRIOT Launches New VIPER LED Series DDR4 Performance Memory

    Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 | By: Dennis

    Glamorous LED lighted memory modules offering extreme performance, available in 16GB kits at speeds up to 3600Mhz

    Fremont, California - Nov.20th 2017. PATRIOT, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals and flash storage solutions today announced its new VIPER LED Series Performance DDR4 Memory. A remarkable LED-lit top decorative lighting and stylish aluminum heat shield design, VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is optimized for maximum performance on the Intel 100/200/300 series and AMD 300 series motherboards. VIPER LED Series available in both red and white LED model which light up gaming rig with bright integrated lighting designed to make the gaming rig look as good as it performs.

    The modern gaming PC is exposed with many featuring large windows and tempered glass side panels. A perfect complement to these systems is a well-placed lighting scheme which includes LED lights on all of the major components. VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is available in both red and white LED lighting configurations with a decorative style and fantastic brightness.

    “We have set out to complement a user’s gaming PC by creating a decorative memory kit with LED-Lit top lighting and a stylish aluminum heat spreader. From now on, performance lighted memory will be an important part of any gaming system.” said Roger Shinmoto, PATRIOT’s Vice President of Product Development.

    In addition, every single module of VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is built on a 10-layer PCB, This ensures good signal integrity for stable gaming and overclocking performance. The chips and ICs featured in VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory are under a strict quality control and sorted to maintain rock-solid reliability and excellent overclocking on Intel 100/200/300 series and AMD 300 series motherboards.

    Heat dissipation is one of most significant factors when running a high-performance system. Whether the aluminum material itself or the way how heat spreader designed, VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is designed to offer excellent heat dissipation and stable performance. Furthermore, each kit is fully compatible with the latest XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile), which allows users to easily set their memory speed and timings to get the highest possible performance and working stability.

    PATRIOT VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is launching with a variety of capacities and frequency to provide users with several options when upgrading or building a new system. PATRIOT VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is designed to maximize the performance of every gaming system, available in both 16GB(2x8GB) and 8G(2x4G) capacities with frequencies starting at 2,400MHz to extreme performance speed at 3,600MHz. All VIPER LED memory modules are backed by PATRIOT’s limited lifetime warranty.

    VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory features highlight:

    • Series: Viper LED (White and Red LED)
    • Edition: Black sides with Silver Viper logo and pattern
    • Compatibility: Tested on Intel 100/200/300 series and AMD 300 series motherboards for reliably fast performance
    • Feature Overclock: XMP 2.0 support for automatic overclocking
    • Aluminum heat spreader with unique and specific design element
    • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Corsair HS50 Review @ Vortez

    Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | By: Dennis

    It must have been Corsair HS50 launch day or sumpin'.  Here is another review from Vortez with a more realistic quote this time.

    Low cost headsets are often end up compromising on either comfort, audio quality or its construction. With that in mind, it makes sense that Corsair set their engineers to task to deliver a low-cost no-compromise gaming headset; enter the HS50.

    I'm all for cheap headsets but cheap for the sake of being cheap is kinda... cheap.  Then again we are a price driven society after all where quality and price are often blurred by brand and exclusivity.

    Or, you know maybe I'm just upset that Corsair is exploiting their market segment.

  • Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset Review @ Legit Reviews

    Published: Monday, November 20, 2017 | By: Dennis

    Maybe this is the new thing or some sort of strange justification of something costing too much but starting your review with the comment claiming you ignore a very important pricepoint rather pompus IMO.

    What worse they turn around to say, oh but wait these headphones from Corsair are only $50 bux so you had better pay attention, cause: Corsair.

    The moment I start looking for a headset, I usually bypass anything less than $100, because the typical pricepoint that equates a high level of performance with an outstanding in-game experience is at least $100.  At least. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Corsair has done some great work in appealing to a gamer with not-so-deep pockets that still yearns for a high-quality sound experience.  At $49.99 shipped in there different colors, the HS50 STEREO is sure to find itself under many Christmas trees with the recipients being thrilled at the experience they’ll have and the giver being excited about the price. Read on to see how the new Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset performs!

    I cannot speak to the quality of these muffs but the price for the market and if Corsair follows their normal patterns they have some sort of expert standing behind the design saying they conform to some sudo standard to make them better than the $50 dollar set from XYZ company.

    For the money, drop $80 on the BlasterX H5 and enjoy your games/movies/p0rn with premier audio quality and full interpolated surround sound.

  • AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box Review @ ThinkComputers

    Published: Monday, November 20, 2017 | By: Dennis

    Its not every day that you run into a website with a broken stylesheet but they are out there.  They are annoying and often an oversight and assumption by the designer that "everyone" has their browser maximized. or that "Everyone" is using a mobile device.

    Yes, I know "mobile first" but seriously grow up!

    Oh.  So, lets get back on topic.  Aorus has been addicted to bringing you new and exciting ways to bring you full sized gaming computers at a faction of the size.  Small boxes like this aren't a huge deal in the States however, overseas space is sometimes a luxury people cannot afford which really limits the size of your gaming computer. 

    Thin and light laptops are great! Carrying them around is super easy, they have a super-long battery life, and are more than powerful enough for most tasks. But when it comes to serious gaming a thin and light laptop just won’t cut it. Most people have a nice Ultrabook and then when they get home they have a full-blown gaming PC. Well AORUS wants you to game on your Ultrabook and they have just the device to do so, their GTX 1080 Gaming Box. It is an external box that houses a desktop-class GeForce GTX 1080 and it connects to your PC with a single cable via Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C). So when you need to be on the go you have your thin and light laptop, but when you get home you just plug in 1 cable and you have the power of a desktop-class graphics card. Let’s jump in and see what this gaming box is all about.

    I'm not a fan of gaming laptops, they are often heavy and actually larger than you might expect.  Likewise smaller laptops often lack the power to play current AAA gaming titles which begs the question.  Gaming Console or PC.

    Of course you say PC but if you only have room for a gaming console then maybe it is time to look at something like the Aorus Gaming Box.

  • XSPC RayStorm Neo CPU Water Block @ TechPowerUp

    Published: Wednesday, November 08, 2017 | By: Dennis

    I'm a fan of XSPC watercooling gear and while I buy plenty of there components I have avoided the waterblocks and compression fittings.  Why? they just look damn strange.

    The RayStorm Neo is XSPC taking their flagship RayStorm Pro block and applying a new look to it. Featuring a polished acrylic top, chrome-plated aluminum brackets, and included RGB LEDs with controller, the Neo offers an option to those who want more than a matte/metal top block. Add in a precise installation mechanism and good performance alike and this is a block well worthy of consideration in the sub-$80 market.

    The RayStorm blocks look pretty good. they feature a dual barb microchannel design with an accelerator plate to add back pressure and to increase coolant speed.  Back in the day I would have been super critical about how water flows though a waterblock and questioned simple block designs like the RayStorm Neo.  However, it seems that enthusiasts are not concerned with that anymore and have settled for whatever a company is willing to produce.

  • NZXT H700i Mid Tower Chassis review @ Guru3D

    Published: Thursday, November 02, 2017 | By: Dennis

    Words like "Impressive" and "accent" really make me want to...  ya click the link to find out more.  The NZXT H700i has a very "How can we be like Corsair but, Not get in trouble" kind of name.

    The new H700i is an advanced series from NZXT, it's a mid-tower with very nice looks, spiffy RGB LED and fan control through a CAM controller. With a new tempered glass side panel, and LED accent lighting the chassis is impressive.

    Thing is, the case looks like a copy of a classic InWin design with all of the good stuff removed.  And, what is with the crazy strap going down the middle??  It all makes you wonder about case designs these days.