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  • HDD Cooler Installation


    HDD Cooler Installation

    This project consists of a very simple Cooler installation. For 15 bucks I picked a "Just Cooler" HDD fan that mounts under the hard drive. I haven't seen any reviews of this cooler on the net but the results of the installation where more than satisfying.

    Here are a few shots of the "naked" drive and the cooler that will be installed. This cooler has a very slim 60mm fan that pulls hot air away from the drive. The hot air then is dumped into the case. At this point if the case is properly vented there is no increase in case temp. If not then we are just adding more fuel to the fire.
    As you can see from the pictures mounting the cooler is pretty easy. There is mounting points located under the HDD for this cooler to attach to just use the supplied screws tighten it down. In these photos you can also see the cool air intakes for the drive cooler as well.
    I must admit that before I installed the cooler I was unsure how air was to move through the cooler, I knew the principal but didn't think it would work.