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  • Thermaltake Armor A60 Case Review
  • Thermaltake Armor A60 Case Review



    When looking for an inexpensive case many people tend to overlook the important things like construction and focus on features like which one comes with the most fans or has the shiniest paintjob.  While many of these cases will do a decent job you have to realize that inexpensive also has its drawbacks.  Thinner metal tends to rattle like crazy, poor construction eats into your band-aid budget (due to scrapped knuckles and cut fingers.)  Not to mention they just look cheap.

    The Thermaltake Armor A60 is a very stylish case that tries a little too hard.  Yes it does feature x7 120mm fan locations and comes with 3 fans that combined are quieter than most video cards.  It also comes with a great side mounted hot-swap bay and fully painted SECC steel chassis.  However it still features extremely thin steel that has a tendency to rattle if you look at it funny.

    Of course most users can deal with a case like this and will often modify it to fit their personal needs.  Fresh paint and new fans go a long way to personalize a chassis.  Yet we have to wonder, do the pre-modded features deserve to be placed in such an inexpensive chassis? And if they do, will people buy the case for the features alone or simply because it fits the format they are after?

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.  happy smile
    Good Things
    Great Cooling Options
    Quiet 200mm and 120mm LED fans
    Tool Less Design
    Unique Panel Designs
    Side Mounted Hot-Swap Bay
    Bad Things
    Thin SECC metal used throughout
    Window is rather small
    Unnecessary honeycomb venting
    Ninjalane Rating
    Thermaltake Armor A60 Case Review

    Silent 4 of 5