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  • Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Case Review
  • Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Case Review


    Case Layout & Features Cont.

    The top view of the CM Gladiator 600 is pretty plain with the exception of the 140mm fan placement at the top.  Modding potential here is made easy with the pre-drilled fan hole; options like a single fan radiator will simply bolt in place.  With a little Dremel work you can expand this to support a dual fan radiator, surface reservoirs, LCD screens, or even an additional fan.
    Here is the inside view of the top of the CM Gladiator 600 with the 140mm fan being shown and a lack of a back exhaust fan. This was likely done to keep costs down, The ability to use either a 120/140mm fan is a very nice touch for the CM Gladiator even if it is missing.
    This is the front grill on the CM Gladiator 600 with a 120mm Blue LED fan to help bring in fresh air. There is a mesh covering the fan to help keep dust and other things out.
    The CM Gladiator 600 is a very open case with very little in the way of restrictions. So for the modding community all this open room allows the imagination to run wild with interesting changes. Adding a water pump in the hard drive cage area with a little bit of cutting is a great start.
    The side panel here has the ability to house 2 fans ranging from 120mm to even the larger 140mm size. This allows a strong hit of fresh air to video cards, and the CPU. For a budget case CM Gladiator 600 is all about giving the user all the options of the high-end cases. This door can also lend to another neat concept of adding a radiator to it for water cooling a system.
    The trickledown effect for the Cooler Master case has not slowed down a bit. What was started as a cool idea on the high end case has made its way down to the budget minded CM Gladiator 600.

    First thing to take notice to is the opening behind the motherboard to allow the changing of the CPU heatsinks without removing the motherboard. The second piece is the cable management system behind the motherboard tray. With the ability to run cables behind it with the holes provided and the open loops for putting wire ties through them. The CM Gladiator 600 is made to have a great wire management system and helps to promotes better air flow inside the case.