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  • Raidmax Blade Case Review
  • Raidmax Blade Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    One of the first things you will notice when looking at the Blade is the set of three racing stripes on the top, right, and left sides of case.  The stripes help to give this case a sporty feel and come in your choice of red, yellow, or white over a black finish. 
    The front panel features four 5.25" bays with removable metal mesh covers.  Raidmax includes foam pads on back of the covers to help with dust and noise.  You will also find a 3.5" bay and below that are two USB 2.0 ports along with and headphone and microphone jacks. 
    The bottom of the front panel provides venting for an internal 120mm fan that is covered by an ornate and strangely symmetrical robotic feature that looks good from any angle.

    The left panel features a nice big blue window wrapping around a mount for a 120mm fan.  This fan helps to provide cool air to the processor and is positioned a little high to aid in video card cooling.
    The cut does however give you for maximum exposure to what graphic cards you do have installed and any fancy lighted heatsinks you happen to install.  I would have liked to see the window more angular and symmetrical to fit with the rest of the Blade's design and maybe a plexi color to better match the color scheme.