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  • ThermoLab Baram Heatsink Review
  • ThermoLab Baram Heatsink Review



    Just when you thought the heatpipe tower cooler has reached the end of its usable life you find a cooler that not only pushes the envelope but does so with only a few minor tweaks to the basic design.  The ThermoLab Baram is a 10 heatpipe cooler that features a staggered heatpipe arraignment to promote better overall cooling and air flow.  The unique radiator design also helps to break up incoming air with a minimum of wind resistance and in some cases an increase in velocity.

    ThermoLab claims the Baram to be rated up to 250W and after our overclocking tests we find this to be a fairly accurate statement.  In fact the peak load temperature of the Baram at 3.2Ghz is 7 degrees less than the Stock OEM cooler at 2.4Ghz! shock smile.  The only thing we can hope for now is a 1366 conversion kit.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Excellent Cooling capacity
    Unique and stylish radiator design
    Staggered heatpipe placement
    Dual fan support
    Fan not included
    Bad Things
    Fan not included
    Installation was difficult
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank ThermoLab for helping to make this review possible