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  • ThermoLab Baram Heatsink Review
  • ThermoLab Baram Heatsink Review



    To give you a sense of size and unique design we have placed the Baram against our current favorite cooler the CoolerMaster Hyper212.  As the photos show the 2 coolers are almost identical in overall size and construction.
    Installation is rather simple and not unlike other coolers on the market, The base of the heatsink is nickel plated copper and features 2 mounting slots along the side to accept both 775 and A64 mounting plates.   For added support ThermoLab has included 2 CPU back plates to keep the motherboard from flexing and to provide better heatsink to CPU contact. 

    The only complaint here is the installation process.  On the 775 the screws mount from the bottom thus requiring you to hold the motherboard, heatsink, and back plate all while using a screwdriver to run the first screw in place.  A threaded system from the top would have been our suggestion.
    The Baram does not come with any cooling fans but will accept any 120mm fan without a connected mounting hole.  While this can be annoying for a first time heatsink buyers it does allow you the flexibility to install any manner of fan from quiet to loud.
    The included spring clips allow you to install up to 2 120mm fans, one on each side for maximum cooling, provided  you have room for them.