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  • Thermaltake BigTyp 14 Pro Heatsink Review
  • Thermaltake BigTyp 14 Pro Heatsink Review



    Thermaltake has been making great heatsinks since the day of the awesome ORB coolers and with each new heatsink we have something a little more interesting to look at. One of the most incredible coolers they ever produced was the Big Typhoon. Well Ninjalane has been given the opportunity to look at the next incarnation of the Big Typhoon.

    TT BigTyp 14Pro is not just bigger, but comes with several improvements over the Big Typhoon including a large 140mm custom fan and 6 heatpipes that wrap around from the base to each side of the radiator fins. Thermaltake also added a VR Fan to allow for speed adjustments and bright blue LEDs for a little added bling bling.

    Let's see if the revamp is as good as it looks.
    Each of the 6x 6mm diameter heatpipes flow up from the base into an aluminum fin radiator.  The heatpipes are staggered up and down in the aluminum fins to help promote better cooling and unlike traditional “tower” coolers the radiator fins are broken up into two different heatsinks. This also allows for better cooling by increasing the theoretical surface area.
    The BigTyp 14Pro is a huge heatsink and with the ability to tower over other components on the motherboard is an advantage for cooling. This not only allows the fan to cool the processor, but it also allows airflow from the fan to hit the motherboard components. So size does have its advantages.
    The 140mm fan on the BigTyp 14Pro is a translucent black.  The shroud that forms around the fins of the heatsink ensures that air will be directed straight through the fins and cool the heatpipes. The 140mm fan is also variable in speed going from 1000RPMs - 1600RPMs and rated at around 16-24 dBA of quite goodness to our ears.
    The base of the BigTyp 14Pro is a flat polished copper and is also where the heatpipes start doing their job of pulling heat away from below the base plate.

    Let move into the installation of the BigTyp 14Pro