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  • Choiix Air-Through Thin Notebook Cooling Pad Review
  • Choiix Air-Through Thin Notebook Cooling Pad Review



    Laptops are becoming more prevalent in today's offices due to their power and affordability.  In fact many enthusiasts use laptops for their normal every day computing tasks, and why not?  You can find many of the same features in a laptop that you would normally find in an OEM desktop system and some are even designed for gaming.

    Well all of the power does still produces the same amount of heat and cooling these tiny powerhouses is tricky business.  Laptop mfgs do everything they can to keep their systems cool with the primary concern being the longevity of the laptop and not so much for the environment around it.  Under normal conditions the system works flawless, the laptop stays cool so you can compute longer.  However once you restrict the air flow by using your lap or various other soft objects the computer will heat up and transfer that heat into the nearest object, namely you. 
    In this review we will be looking at an active notebook cooling pad from Choiix that has just as much style as it has cooling power.

    The Choiix cooler is designed for 17" and smaller laptops with a special design consideration for the MacBook and Macbook Air.  In terms of construction the Choiix cooler features Aluminum, Rubber and Plastic parts.  Weighs in at around 830 grams, features 2x 60mm cooling fans, and comes with a convenient 4 port USB hub.  Aside from the lack of external connections this cooler almost resembles a docking station.
    Every laptop has its own method for keeping cool but the question comes up as to how you can enhance that cooling and maybe make your laptop a little easier to use.  Well the Choiix design does a little bit of both.  Additional cooling comes in the form of 2x 60mm fans that consistently keep fresh air flowing under the laptop.  The additional elevation also helps to tilt the laptop keyboard a few degrees to give you better access to the keys.  Depending on your seating position this can also lead to a more ergonomic keyboarding position.