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  • DangerDen RBX Waterblock Review
  • DangerDen RBX Waterblock Review



    Waterblocks in the past have typically been quite simple in design and normally featured a meandering set of channels designed to provide a high flow rate though the block. These block designs required that large reservoirs be installed for maximum efficiency though it really depended on how each system was setup. Waterblocks like the RBX and white water are based on slightly different cooling style that put more emphasis on water velocity than flow. Typically these designs are more efficient than the traditional styles but are also more complex to make.
    For our tests the RBX performed great though didn't really start showing off until the stock jet was replaced with one from the accelerator nozzle kit. As it was mentioned before the nozzle kit is an addon to the RBX and appears to be worth the extra bux, provided that you wish to get the most from your watercooling setup.
    There are of course a few minor drawbacks to switching out nozzles. The obvious one is the voiding your Danger Den warranty. A minor point but worth a mention for those users that subscribe to the benefits of a warranty. Just remember to take your time and leak test before reinstallation. We all know what happens to electronics when they get wet so the importance of leak testing cannot be stressed enough.
    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.
    The Good Things
    Compact block design
    Flexible block configurations
    Accelerator nozzle kit
    Available in a variety of styles (poly or brass tops)
    Block configured for multiple styles of cooling
    The Bad Things
    Disassembly needed to change nozzles
    Neoprene gasket needed for nozzle operation
    Thinness of block requires anti-crush pads for AthlonXP installations
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Danger Den for helping to make this review possible.